Interview with Christina Aguilera: Latin album, collaboration with SweeTarts and more


“I’m an artist first, rather than trying to be critical as an A&R,” Aguilera said. Billboard of his state of mind to select a winner. “So I’m just going to follow my mood and what makes me feel good. I’m looking for people who are really experimental like I’ve always been in my music – trying different things, collaborating with other people and styles of music. I really like having fun with music at the end of the day and being as creative as possible. Sometimes a little sweet, sometimes a little tangy, depending on my mood! They are just people who are able to have fun with this concept and to be themselves and come into that individuality of it. “

As a former coach of The voice and a star who enjoys helping emerging singers, the contest was a natural fit for Aguilera. “It comes with my nature,” she says of mentoring. “Obviously I have a lot of experience as a vocal coach, but now I can use the experience I have in the studio, get into the musical side, which is very cool and interesting and different for me. to be able to collaborate with new talent and listen to what’s out there. “

As for her favorite SweeTarts candy, Aguilera loves the Twisted ropes, which you can buy here on Amazon. “I love color in everything I do,” she explains. “It’s really fun to play with color in general. But I’ve also been very nostalgic since I was a child of classic chewy candies. “

But the SweeTarts collaboration isn’t the only treat she has in store. The iconic singer is in the studio working on her second Spanish album, which will arrive more than two decades later. Mi Reflejo. “It’s a big deal right now and it’s really nostalgic and part of my Latin culture and history,” she explains. “So it’s really, really fun to get into family roots and explore who I am now as a woman musically. Things come from a different approach.”

It will also head to Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl this Friday (July 16) for a special, complete set with the Philharmonic Orchestra. “It’s a different kind of show than I’ve ever presented stylistically and vocally before,” she exclaims of the upcoming performance. “It’s such an honor and an amazing experience to be able to do this because so much of my inspiration comes from movies and movie scores and so many orchestral pieces and sounds and elements and strings and brass instruments and all those things that I like to incorporate into my music in general. So, it’s really an opportunity to explore that in a way that I’ve never been able to do. “

“Just imagining songs like ‘Fighter’ or ‘Dirrty’ with an orchestra, and that power behind, is so special,” she adds.

Tickets for the show are still available here.


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