Is this song by Tini and María Becerra banned from the Mexican airwaves?

Argentinian artists Tini and María Becerra are caught in the middle of a surprising controversy in Mexico over the lyrics of their 2021 single “Mienteme.” Speculations are that the song is being pulled from the airwaves in the said country because of its lyrics which may “cause gender violence” due to some of its lyrical phrases.

“It’s a big hit that opens the door to all of Latin America, but it won’t be aired on the radio due to the wave of feminicides in the country,” he added. El Trece host Rodrigo Lussich said about it, according to the Argentine newspaper The Voz. Some of the alleged “Miénteme” lyrics in question are: “Do what you want with me” and “If we look killed, you and I wouldn’t be alive to have an opinion”.

“Although the singer’s intentions were never to incite violence, the lyrics of ‘Miénteme’ resonated in Mexico, where the wave of violence against women and feminicides are unfortunately an ongoing problem,” said Naye Valdez of the Mexican media. La Verdad reported on the situation. A recurring concern, 229 allegations of femicide were reported in Mexico between January and March 2022.

At the time of publication, neither Tini nor Becerra had commented on the controversy. However, Tini’s father and manager, Alejandro Stoessel Told El Trece that he was unaware of the situation and was going to tell their music label about it. He told the Argentinian television channel that he was “taken by surprise” by the subject.

Twitter users are voicing their thoughts on this issue. “Mexicans think María Becerra and Tini’s song ‘Miénteme’ should be censored for promoting machismo and feminicides happening in this country, but they are happy with Laura Bozzo’s program that celebrates domestic violence as a solution to problems,” a Twitter user noted.

Another Twitter user said: “With the level of machismo in Mexico, I’m sure the femicide numbers will drop by banning the song ‘Miénteme’ by Tini and María Becerra. Do yourself a favor and start by canceling Luis Miguel and Cristian Castro.

Could it be that Mexico is going too far in censoring a popular pop song? We will be on the lookout for comments from Tini and Becerra.

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