Isaac Dunbar, Janelle Monáe and more new music: first out

Isaac Dunbar, “Celebrate”

Of course, Pride Month may be officially over, but Isaac Dunbar isn’t happy with the end of the party. On “Celebrate,” Dunbar exudes exhilaration into a song, where the aspiring singer-songwriter says we should choose to celebrate every day, even if we don’t feel like we have much. to celebrate. It certainly allows you to indulge yourself in the song’s infectious’ 80s-style synths, mixed with throbbing drums and ethereal vocals, declaring over and over again, “Celebrate with me today, tomorrow and yesterday / Celebrate all your pain.” for me.”

“’Celebrating’ is waking up and choosing happiness each day instead of getting stuck in your own negativity,” he said of the single in a statement. “Sometimes it’s easy to stay in a negative space than it is to move into a positive space, so with this song I wanted to raise awareness of that and give people a reason to choose to celebrate each day.”

Janelle Monáe, “Stronger”

Have you ever wondered what School rock would look like if it was updated for the modern era? Janelle Monáe is here to help answer that question with “Stronger”, her new song from the Netflix soundtrack. We the people. Joining stars like Brandi Carlile, Adam Lambert, HER and many more, Monáe’s contribution to the civic-minded education program sees the Triple Threat taught a lesson in protest and civil disobedience, as she lets the listener on a scintillating beat what marginalized communities are really asking, “All my friends want a legacy / don’t want to be left behind,” she hums. “Anytime you think we’re getting a little weak / We are getting a little stronger.”

Snow Tha product, “Que Oso”

If you’ve ever been to a family reunion and felt like crawling inside your own skin, Snow Tha Product knows exactly how you feel. With “Que Oso,” the bilingual rapper’s latest single, Snow examines the dynamics of her Mexican-American family members, from talkative uncles to critical grandparents, before declaring after each revelation “qué oso” (an expression Spanish which roughly translates to “How embarrassing”) Her breathtaking flow only punctuates her point more, as she turns a barbecue into a straight roast you’re going to want to hear.

Flowerkid, “It’s Happening Again (feat. KUČKA)”

To face the pain, you have to face it, as Flowerkid explores so beautifully in his latest single, “It’s Happening Again”. A dizzying and heartfelt ode to dealing with your own grief, “It’s Happening Again” sees the growing trans Australian singer-songwriter cry out for help as he feels himself soaring – a sentiment shared throughout the world. ‘excellent production. As Flowerkid deals with her trauma, the song begins to come to a resolution, before finally stopping prematurely, a fact surely destined to leave the listener wanting more of Flowerkid’s incredible sound.

“My healing process takes place in three stages. ‘It’s Happening Again’ is my first stage,” Flowerkid said of the new song in a statement. “I need to face the very complicit voices circling in my head. They tell me I can’t say what I’m about to say. So I know what to do, and that’s screaming. on the roofs of all the trials I have already had to climb. “

Amorphous, Kelly Rowland & CeCe Peniston, “Finally (can’t hide it)”

How do you take a gay anthem and make it even better? Put it in the hands of queer artists, and if possible, include Kelly Rowland. That’s exactly what Amorphous did with his reinterpretation of CeCe Peniston’s classic anthem “Finally (Cannot Hide It)” – produced by himself and queer songwriting phenomenon MNEK and starring Peniston. and Rowland, the remix adds a healthy dose of dance to the already worthy of the Bachelorette dance. Now transformed into a real banger with some truly spectacular vocals, “Finally” gets the courtesy Amorphous remix that it has always deserved.

John Duff, Homo • Sapien

When the time came to make his new EP Homo • Sapien, Up-and-coming singer-songwriter John Duff has decided he’s going to do something deeply and unabashedly queer no matter what others think. The result is a fabulous new project that sees the pop singer dig deeper into topics like queer masculinity (“Be the Man”), religious discrimination (“Is It A Sin”) and more, to some truly amazing and ready melodies. for the dancefloor. . But it’s on the first single “High Heels”, starring Broadway legend Lillias White, that Duff shines the most, reaching a musical high equivalent to an exploding confetti cannon as he declares “If I looked like how I feel, I would wear high heels / Because you make me feel high. “

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