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If there is a woman who marked the life of Luis Miguel , it was Issabela Camil, according to the singer’s biographical series. Throughout the first and second seasons of Luis Miguel, the series, discussed the evolution of his attendance ; from the beginnings of their love affair to the ups and downs they went through in the 1990s.

In this regard, the wife of Sergio mayer He decided to break the silence and shared that the Netflix production had piqued the curiosity of his daughters, Antonia and Victoria. In an interview with the program Sale el Sol (Grupo Imagen), the actress recounted how she started the conversation about this stage of her life with Antonia, who is already a 14-year-old teenager.


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Issabela Camil

Issabela shared on the program’s microphones that it was she who took the initiative to tell her daughter about her romance with Luis Miguel, as she preferred that she find out the details through her own voice and not through third parties.

Nothing but the truth

“Antonia is more interested in the things in my life and I tell her openly, I have nothing to hide. His mother had a past, had other relationships and had others… and it’s beautiful, ”he said.

One hundred percent sincere

Camil said that at no time did he try to hide his affair with “El Sol”. “At no point do I say I want to get rid of it, it’s just something I don’t want to share, but I will always talk to my daughters with the whole truth, they will know absolutely everything they want to know. . “

Camila Sodi as Issabela Camil

Issabela, married to Sergio Mayer since 2009, has revealed that she did not consent to use her story in Luis Miguel’s hit series. In this production she is played by Camila Sodi, in the character of Erika.

No retaliation

Camil stressed that he would not take any legal action against the production and pointed out that everyone has their side of the story, referring to what they experienced with Luis Miguel.

A tale of two

“I didn’t allow anything. No, it’s not that important (to continue). No, I don’t know that everyone has their own theme. I have nothing to hide, they are two people, each has a way of telling their story, it is no longer mine, it does not belong to me. I don’t have the rights, I signed something. It’s ridiculous, if it’s something I’m ashamed of I say, ‘oh, well’, but it wasn’t something that happened, ”he commented.

And what does Sergio Mayer think of his wife’s relationship with “El Sol”?

The politician said in an interview with Ventaneando that he had no problem with this, and that it was a thing of the past, since he had a family with Issabela. But, shade for whom? For me, it has never been a shadow (Luis Miguel), nor a problem. You don’t have to make noise to me, and I’m sorry, but … if you start to see it, I might not be wrong to say it, and I know they will criticize me, but I have a family ” ,

He is not interested in ‘The Sun’

Mayer stressed that he was not interested in Luis Miguel’s private life and that he was more satisfied than ever with his family. “I don’t know or don’t know how he’s doing, or his life, and I’m not interested. But I have a family, I am happy. I don’t know what they mean by shadow, there has never been that topic, and we all have our story, I have a story too. Thanks to this today, we are together and we must value and thank him. I thank life for having put it in my path ”.

On permission to use Issabela’s story

Sergio Mayer concluded the interview by clarifying the same point from Issabella, who hadn’t asked him if he could reveal his story with Luis Miguel for the series. “No, permission has not been requested. She would not have given any authorization, my wife is a lady, she would never have spoken, she will not speak absolutely nothing either, and part of the series is fiction and that is it ”.


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