It’s the day Luis Miguel kissed María Félix on the mouth

“La Doña” has become one of the most envied women by “El Sol” fans.

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During one of Luis Miguel’s tours, more precisely during his “Mis Romances Tour”, “El Sol” offered several concerts at the National Auditorium throughout the month of March 2002, and for one of these dates he invited the famous actress;Marie Felix.

It's the day Luis Miguel kissed María Félix on the mouth Marie Felix. Source: (Instagram @mariafelixofficial)

Immediately, María accepted the proposal that Luis Miguel he did and he was happy to enjoy the show. From the front row, he enjoyed every tune unaware that that night would truly be an unprecedented opportunity to have the “La Incondicional” singer up close.

In the middle of the concert Luis Miguel decided to come down from the stage to greet “La Doña” exclusively, the situation was so exciting and unusual that no fan wanted to intervene, or complicate what would be a soap opera kiss.

This reaction from part of the public present enabled Luis Miguel and maria to exchange a few words. At first they only greeted each other with a kiss on the cheek, but after a few seconds the singer decided to kiss the movie star very gently. This attitude filled the entire audience with euphoria and surprise.

Leaving the show, Félix was intercepted by a journalist who gave her a brief interview about what had happened with Luis Miguel, to which she replied ecstatically: “I love him very much and I love him a lot and I gave him a kiss on the mouth. . Wonderful. Plus, he’s such a good singer and handsome,” the actress said. This Luis Miguel concert was the last public event attended by Marie Felix before her death, as well as the last time she gave interviews to the press.

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