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This week, Lali Espósito will move from Argentina to the world stage in the Netflix series Sky Rojo. The accomplished actress is also an Argentinian pop star with a number of successes to her name.

Sky Rojo was created by the same people behind Money heist.

Sky Rojo premiered on March 19. Lali, who bears her first name professionally, co-stars with Spanish actress Verónica Sánchez and Cuban actress Yany Prado. The action-packed show was created by Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato, the creators of the hit Netflix series La Casa de Papel (or Money heist). The three women play prostitutes who run away from their pimp. Spanish actor and Sense8 Star Miguel Ángel Silvestre plays one of the pimp’s henchmen.

Lali is a very successful Argentinian pop star.

For those who know Lali in Argentina, Sky Rojo will also be his most intense role to date. The 29-year-old rose to prominence in her country thanks to teenage telenovelas. She found her big break as a star of Casi Ángeles, who created the pop group Teen Angels. Lali then went solo in 2014 with her first album, Soy. Lali has collaborated with some of the biggest names in Latin music over the years, including Mau y Ricky, Thalía, Fito Páez and CNCO.

After having watched Sky Rojo, Latido Music has selected some of our favorite Lali hits for your playlists.

Remix “Mi Mala” with Mau and Ricky

One of Lali’s first big breaks in the world was when Venezuelan duo Mau and Ricky remix “Mi Mala”. The brothers assembled the “Lady Marmalade” of Latin music with Colombian reggaetonera Karol G, Chicana pop star Becky G and Dominican-American singer Leslie Grace also in the mix. The guys took a back seat for the women who are living their best lives.

“Caliente” with Pabllo Vittar

For his third album Brava, Lali teamed up with Brazilian drag pop star Pabllo Vittar. The two joined forces in “Caliente” and as the song title suggests, they turned the heat up on this one. Lali showed up and showed up for the LGBTQ + community with a fierce queer artist.

“Lindo Pero Bruto” with Thalía

Like the “Mi Mala” remix, another song that raised Lali’s international profile was “Lindo Pero Bruto”. Mexican pop icon teamed up with Lali for her Valiente album. In the reggaeton-pop bop, the two women have their cake and eat it too. “You are stupid, grandpa, but tasty,” Lali sings in Spanish.

“Como Así” with CNCO

For last year Balance album, Lali enlisted the Latin boyband CNCO for “Como Así”. She exchanges verses with each of the guys as they collectively fight for love. It’s an explosive and moving pop moment.

“Ladrón ”with Cazzu

The knockout track on Lali’s Balance The album is “Ladrón”, her collaboration with Cazzu, Argentina’s best female artist in the Latin trap. In a moment of girl power that showcases the talent of their country, women unite to turn the situation around no-good men. “You wanted to play me… the one who plays you is me,” Lali and Cazzu sing together.

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