Juan Ignacio Cane, José Pérez in the Luis Miguel series, replied if he will be in season 3

Juan Ignacio Rod had a participation from the lowest to the highest in the Second season by Luis Miguel on Netflix and he ended up becoming one of the most important actors of the plot in his role of Jose perez. The last episode ended with an unresolved conflict between the tour manager and the singer, so much more is expected from the character of the series. however, in an exclusive interview with Spoiler, the 40-year-old artist responded about the third season and did not ensure its future appearance. What did he say?

Although he has the role of a Uruguayan in the Netflix event, He is an Argentinian performer from Rosario and currently based in Mexico. Although he participated in important productions such as the band Lost (2018), the series The lobbyist (2018) and the biopic Apache: The Life of Carlos Tevez (2019), his work at Luis Miguel marked a step forward in his career.

“One day I was lying at home and I put season 1 on Netflix. This is where I started to understand everything because seeing what happened to this guy, for this music icon since his childhood, all the conflicts he had to go through to become what he was, are revolutionary. And then when they confirm to me that I’m going to have the possibility to have a little of his attention because he is an executive producer, it’s a pride because in addition you enjoy more of his life and that’s something impressiveHe expressed his feelings of being part of such a big project at the international level.

Juan Ignacio was one of the season 2 additions and while his character’s name matches a former secretary Micky had, the characterization was much more related to fiction than reality. If it’s not the most fictionalized of the whole series, scratch by. Obviously for a question of scenario, dramaturgy, to find a conflict to be able to tell a story which attracts. Because I am not César Bordón who is Hugo López or Macarena Achaga who is Michelle Salas. Joe Pérez is a hybrid, it’s a lot of characters in one, So there hasn’t been a lot of one-person research, but I’ve had discussions with the writers, with the director, and with everything. what it took to be several people in one, he argued about it.

José Pérez in the Two Thousand (courtesy Netflix)

The closing of the second season has the Argentine actor in the center of attention: Joe tries to get revenge for his dismissal and gives Luis Miguel pictures of the romance between Michelle and Mauricio. The scene leaves open a plot which can perfectly be developed in several chapters, but Cane was surprised and assured that he still didn’t know.

“I’m telling you the truth, all i know is there’s gonna be a third season. I don’t know if José Pérez will be there, hopefully. José Pérez was assistant, tour manager at most, the protagonist is Luis Miguel. There was a conflict to be resolved, but How many conflicts does Luis Miguel have? Everyone has them, it’s a life full of conflict. Maybe I can have some room, but I think what enriches us the most is to continue to listen to what happened with Luis MiguelHe kept in pleasant conversation with this medium.

The transformation of José Pérez in the two timelines

While there were no major physical differences between the character in the 90s and 2000s, Juan Ignacio revealed that in the makeup they added wrinkles to make it its more adult version and that the rest had to do with the script:The bearing is one of the characteristics that I worked on to achieve this, also the scene takes you to the character. The character talking to Micky is not the same as a character seeking to be Robles’ confidant to climb or talking to Hugo López, who was his driver. The same script helps you a lot “.

Fanaticism for Newell’s and the details of his team in the series

Another Argentinian protagonist like Caesar Bordon managed to put a detail of his team in the bioseries because Hugo López had a commemorative board in River Plate. Cane, also football fan and fan of Newell’sHe wanted to repeat the tribute, but his Uruguayan character prevented him from doing so in front of the camera. However, he managed to give his team a nod. “It was complicated because he was Uruguayan in fiction, but on the red carpet I wore a black suit and a red scarf that Netflix told me was because of the brand colors. I respect the colors I love, but it’s Newell’s football team., he indicated between laughs.

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