Julio Iglesias Jr. talks about his single Stevie Wonder medley with Brian McKnight

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Julio Iglesias Jr. talked about his new music, which included a mix of Stevie Wonder (featuring Brian McKnight) which was released today.

On October 14, Julio Iglesias, Jr. will release his latest single “Overjoyed/I Just Called to Say I Love You/Isn’t She Lovely”, a medley duet of Stevie Wonder featuring Brian McKnight from his upcoming album. Under the coverswhich will be released on February 7. He will also post a live performance music video of the medley.

“I’m super excited because this will be my second single from the new record,” he said. “It’s a single with Brian McKnight, and it’s a Stevie Wonder mix we did with producer Rudy Pérez, and we hope everyone likes it.”

It was recorded in his hometown of Miami Beach with famed producer Rudy Pérez (the Grammy Award-winning musician known for his work with superstars like Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé and Natalie Cole) and an elite lineup of musicians . “It’s nice to be in Miami now because I’m spending most of my summer in California and being able to put out this new record because then I can go on tour and do what I love to do,” said- he declared.

The album all in English Under the covers showcases his elegance as a songwriter as he reinvents an eclectic mix of hit pop songs in the classic big band and swing sound – a perfect fit for his incredibly sweet voice, resulting in his work the most magnetic and magical to date. “We wanted to do a big band record, and it was hard to choose the 10 songs we chose. I think we picked songs where each one is different and there’s something special about that, and that’s what made the record special,” he said.

From this next album he listed “Into The Night” and the Billy Joel standard “Just The Way You Are”. “There are so many great songs on this album that I love. I’ve been listening to most of these songs forever,” he said. Billy Joel’s “Just The Way You Are” is one of my favorite songs of all time. I also love the way ‘Heaven Is a Place on Earth’ came out.”

On October 13, he posthumously inducted José María Lacalle into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame at the LA MUSA Awards. “I’m giving an award tomorrow and I’m super excited. Every time you attend a ceremony with all these great songwriters that we listen to every year, it’s very important for them to be awarded and recognized,” he said. -he declares.

For Iglesias Jr., a silver lining during the pandemic meant doing lots of push-ups, as well as recording music and cleaning up. “Every day I was cleaning something or doing something every day, and it was actually good,” he said.

‘In the night’

He also recently released “Into The Night”, a duet with Iglesias Jr. and Benny Mardones. The reimagined version of Benny’s 1980 hit features new Benny vocals he recorded shortly before his death in 2020. Rudy Pérez, who Benny entrusted to do something special with the song, chose Iglesias Jr. to create the duo. “It was a very special song for me, I’ve been listening to it since I was very young,” he said.

“I got to duet with the late but great Benny Mardones, who was an amazing singer and songwriter, and it’s very special. I first heard it in 1985, and it was amazing that I was able to duet this song with Benny.

He noted that this song has a special meaning for Iglesias Jr., who learned a lot of English from pop radio after moving from Spain to the United States at the age of nine, and sang this song during car journeys from school where he often. did not feel out of place.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Iglesias Jr. said: “Excitement”.

The album’s tracklist feels like a soothing soundtrack to our lives that evokes fond memories. It includes lush renditions of “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears, “Just The Way You Are” by Billy Joel, “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” by Belinda Carlisle , “Ed Sheeran ‘Shape Of You'”, and Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”, and duets with other special guests, including “Careless Whisper” with Jewel and “I’m Too Sexy” with Right Said Fred.

All along Under the coversIglesias infuses her performance with an irresistible warmth revealing her intense love for the material and her deep understanding of the potential of music to illuminate the heart.

Julio Iglesias Jr. lived a life steeped in the transcendent power of music within one of entertainment’s most talented and recognizable families; Moreover, he is the son of Julio Iglesias and the older brother of Latin pop superstar Enrique Iglesias.

Since hitting the stage with his legendary father as a small child, the Madrid-born artist has produced musical projects in a dazzling array of genres, toured with icons like Cher, and he’s is performed in front of audiences around the world with her soulful voice and charming stage presence.

If he were to have a superpower, he revealed that he “would love to be transparent.”

He listed Bruno Mars as his choice of dream duo in music. “Bruno is awesome,” he said.

Regarding his definition of the word success, Iglesias Jr. said, “Success makes you happy, it’s special and it makes you feel alive.”

“I want fans to listen to great songs, great lyrics and just great music in general. This is a great sounding record,” he concluded.

The Stevie Wonder medley by Julio Iglesias Jr. is available on digital service providers by click here.

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