KEiiNO’s Alexandra Rotan performs iconic opera aria

She is a third of the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 KEiiNO. Corn Alexandra Rotan now embarks on a solo adventure by participating in Stjernekamp 2021.

Stjernekamp (English: Star wars) is a Norwegian TV show that sees established singers perform songs from a specific musical genre every week. The public votes for their favorites, and the act with the fewest votes that week is eliminated.

Alexandra was one of ten acts that began in this year’s program season. Mélodi Grand Prize alum Carina Dahl and Anna-Lisa Kumoji are also participating.

The KEiiNO singer continued to impress for the first four weeks and has so far avoided elimination.

Alexandra Rotan performs the aria of the Queen of the Night

The last episode of the show was themed on opera. Alexandra returned to the iconic Queen of the Night from Mozart’s opera The magic flute. Wearing a medieval-style gown with a black collar and headdress, she performed in front of an actor as if she were in the opera herself.

While we’re used to hearing the “Spirit In The Sky” singer deliver electro-pop songs, Alexandra has shown that her vocal talent goes beyond that. She hit every note of the air with precision – and with remarkable facial expressions.

The panel of experts gave Alexandra a standing ovation after finishing. Her performance also resonated with viewers at home, who voted her for next week’s show.

Anna-Lisa Kumoji performed “O mio babbino caro” (“Oh my dear papa”) from the opera Gianni Schicchi. Carina Dahl covered “I Dreamed I Dwelt in Marble Halls” from The Bohemian Girl.

The two singers landed in the last three of the night. But they were ultimately found to be safe and will progress until next week as well.

Stjernekamp 2021: Weeks 1-3

Week 1

During the first episode, each act was able to highlight itself without fear of elimination. Alexandra performed a cover of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”, which she also released as a single.

Opening the show, the former Eurovision Songwriter stood alone for much of the performance with an LED microphone stand. She was joined by a few dancers during bridge to add some dynamism before ending up on her own again.

Meanwhile, Carina performed Lady Gaga’s “Always remember us this way” of A star is born. Anna-Lisa took “Proud Marie” by Tina Turner.

Week 2 – Rock Stadium

Week two saw the first official themed episode of the season, with each singer tasked with performing a stage rock song. Alexandra found herself on the other end of the agenda and closed the show with a performance of “The Final Countdown” in Europe. And what a closer sight it was!

Flanked by two guitarists, the Norwegian star rocked the stage. While Alexandra has a relatively short hairstyle, she still made sure to whip it and bang her head as much as possible. His voice was still going strong and lent itself very well to this style of performance.

Carina opened this week’s show with a performance by “Drums of War” by Tindrum – she found herself in the last three of the week but was not eliminated. Anna-Lisa put her voice “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin.

Week 3 – Norwegian

The third episode was devoted to music by Norwegian artists with Norwegian lyrics. Alexandra performed “Ikke Som De Andre” (“Not Like the Others”), originally posted by Sondre Justad. The Eurovision 2019 star was alone on stage in a pantsuit. Starting slowly like the original, Alexandra then took her interpretation in a new direction by bringing more of a pop beat. Despite the extra production, it was clear that she was feeling the emotion of the song and shedding a tear after she was done.

Unfortunately, Alexandra fell in the last three of the night. But luckily, the Norwegian star was not eliminated and survived to sing his opera aria.

This week Anna-Lisa performed “Jeg glemmer deg aldri” (“I’ll Never Forget You”), a song made famous by rock band Hellbillies and recently performed by Emma Steinbakken. Carina Dahl brought some country to the stage and covered Halva Priest and Maria Mena “Den fine Chevy’n” (“The most beautiful Chevrolet”).

Other musical genres that will be featured in the coming weeks include country, hip hop, latin pop, joik and big band.

You can watch full episodes of Stjernekamp on the NRK TV website.

What do you think of Alexandra Rotan’s opera aria on Stjernekamp 2021? Are you impatient to see his next performances? Let us know in the comments below!

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