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Welcome to Seven in Seven. Here we usually see shows taking place in the area every week and next week. And due to the current pandemic, they are not yet completely, as the doors to theaters are slowly opening again. That doesn’t mean the music is going to stop, and there are new releases every week from artists you know and love and artists waiting to be discovered. Each week, we’ll take a look at some of the area’s most popular shelves and streaming services, as well as some of the must-watch shows.

Whether your musical taste is rock’n’roll, jazz, heavy metal, R&B, singer-songwriter or indie, there is always something to check out. The contents of the file for the week of October 1 are as follows.

This week’s show

Rufus Wainwright and Jose Gonzalez – Keswick Theater – October 1

Two of the best singer-songwriters team up for a joint headlining tour at the Keswick Theater on Friday. Rufus Wainwright is currently promoting Rufus Wainwright and Amsterdam Sinfonietta Live. It was recorded in January 2017 during a tour of the Netherlands with the prestigious Amsterdam Sinfonietta all-string ensemble. The ten concerts hosted by Wayne Wright cover a vast group of his musical influences and interests, straddling Verdalia, Rameau and his beloved Berlioz, American standards, classical music by Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell. It reflected the breadth. In the meantime, the versatile José Gonzalez supports his fourth book, Local Valley, which has just been released. It is a marvel of LP which is more beautiful than the previous albums. He calls this trekking stage a “follow the rules of the local valley” circuit.

New version

Book – “9”

Originally formed at the turn of the 2010s as a sort of Royal Trux-cum-Cream power trio, the Australian Pond has grown into a five-piece of unprecedented prolivity, with an expanding repertoire of awe-inspiring eight pieces. . We are proud of our studio album. The year of the unique collective milestone is 2019, with the release of the most acclaimed album to date, Tasmania. The band came back with the appropriate title “9” regained chaotic uncertainty and became a creative supernova that burned much of the music, as seen in the Robofunk of the single “America’s Cup”. It’s closer than that. “

Shad – “Tao”

On five records to date, Toronto-based JUNO award-winning rapper Shad uses a variety of old-fashioned tools to tackle modern issues and transform our world through boom-transforming brewing. bop. I worked on the resentment and the absurdity of. Soul samples, jazzy improvisations and $ 10 words were taken from a $ 1,000 rhyme. But after weaving his myriad of musical and philosophical interests into the cycle of socio-political songs of “Short Story of War,” which remained in the final selection for the Polaris Music Prize 2018, it was much simpler. I started making the sixth album “Tao” from the concept. Image of a circle. But in Shad fashion, he saw something much deeper inside that basic round boundary. And that has already brought a very impressive career highlight.

Brandi Carlile – “Those Days of Silence”

Inspired by her own mining history while writing this year’s best-selling memoir “Broken Horses”, Brandi Carlile’s new album “In these Silent Days” features her longtime collaborators and bandmates. Hanseloto was conceived while in isolation at home with Tim and Phil. The 10 Grammy-winning songs include icons of acceptance, faith, loss, love and chains, including David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Elton John and Joni Mitchell. Besides being his greatest hero and his inspiration, become a close friend.

Audiobook – “Astro Tough”

The music in audiobooks can move your head a lot, but it’s their instinctive rejection of the comfort zone that makes them so great. The 2018 debut album “Now! (In 1 Minute) “was a hectic, spinning blast from a bohemian freak pop genius. In this follow-up” Astro Tough “, they kind of found a way to make things even better and put their chaotic energy into it. and their inherent strangeness in a larger, deeper and more powerful record than their predecessors. I focused. The track goes from separation to rawness, aggressiveness, tenderness, cheerfulness and awkwardness with rounded toes in the same song.

Dos Santos – “City of mirrors”

Dos Santos, five-piece, started working on the latest initiative, “City of Mirrors”, without any expectations. They just wanted to create an honest, unique, border-to-border, yet widely communicated expression of their progressive Latin pop sound. To achieve this, they decided to include a sixth member. As a result, the LP was recorded in Los Angeles under the direction of artist, producer and longtime friend of the group, Elliot Bergman. Help shape the song into its most essential and minimal form. It will be one of the most consistent works to date.

Ducks Ltd. – “Modern fiction”

Ducks Ltd in Toronto. (Formerly known as Ducks Unlimited) is Tom McGreevy on vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards, and Evan Lewis’ bright jungle pop duo on guitar, bass and drums lineup. Doing what seems impossible, the duo create songs that play according to a very specific inspiration without drowning under them. This was quickly proven on their acclaimed EP “Get Bleak” and further refined on their debut LP “Modern Fiction”.

Volume control

  • Rufus Wainwright – “Peaceful Afternoon” Jose Gonzalez – “Head On” Pound – “America’s Cup” Shad – “Storm” Brandi Carlile – “Right On Time” Audiobook – “The Doll” Dos Santos – “City of Mirrors” Dax Limited – “still there”

Kezwick Ike’s Rufus Wainwright releases 9th LP [Seven in Seven] – Local daily

Kezwick Ike’s Rufus Wainwright releases 9th LP [Seven in Seven] – Local daily


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