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In the 1980s, La Chilindrina – aka María Antonieta de las Nieves – and Luis Miguel went on a date, according to the El Chavo del Ocho actress. On a recent visit to a Peruvian TV show El valor de la verdad, de las Nieves, who was hooked up to a lie detector, talked about dating El Sol de Mexico.

When asked by host Beto Ortiz if she had left her Acapulco hotel to board Luismi’s yacht, La Chilindrina said yes. After the show confirmed that she had not lied about the matter, Ortiz said there is photographic evidence of the meeting, which shows a very young Luismi.

When Ortiz asked her which of her songs was popular at the time, she started singing “somos dos, dos enamorados”. “1 + 1 = 2 enamorados” was released in 1982 when Luis Miguel was 11 years old. If this took place in 1982, LuisMiguel was a pre-teenager and La Chilindrina, who is about 20 years older, was in his thirties.

She went on to explain that a young Luismi was flirting with her and said, “Hey nena, do you know who I am?” To which she replied, “No, you know who I am.” She then got on the yacht and drank Inca Kola, and that the whole date was romantic, and that thanks to the photo that exists, he can’t deny that she was his first love.

And although she describes a cute scene from PG, it’s still incredibly weird because La Chilindrina just admitted she went on a date with a pre-teen. Or maybe she doesn’t remember the year well? Or maybe they just posed for a photo together? Anyway, we have a lot of questions and need some clarification.

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