Lainey Wilson Says ‘Things A Man Should Know’ Saved Marriage

Lainey Wilson got most of the responses laughing at his chart-topping song “Things a Man Oughta Know”. It’s really crazy, she says, what some women think their man should know.

“One girl was like, ‘I think a man should know all the Disney Princesses,’” Wilson said. Taste of country nights’ Eva and Amber. “I’m like, ‘I want my man to know how to ride a horse!'”

Wilson is the final featured guest on this weekly multimedia show, with additional artists revealed on video (see below) and on-demand each Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. The Louisiana native took the time to talk about all the different things people have suggested to her – that’s more than enough to write an extra verse or two for the song.

“I wonder, how are we going to sing this?” Wilson asks, referring to a particular request. Then she tries. “I could lower the toilet lid.”

Every day she receives suggestions from fans on social media, and many have touched the heart of the track. “I’ve heard from guys who gave up and got it wrong,” she says, referring to the hook of “Things a Man Oughta Know”.

“This lady was also telling me the other day that she and her husband were having problems and were on the verge of a divorce. She sent the song to her husband and she said they are better than ever. He really did. took the song to heart. “

During this interview, Wilson also performs the 60 Second Song Challenge with the Table of contents nights team and speaks in depth about her experience posing as Hannah Montana. For years, she had a serious extracurricular activity that made her more money than most musicians looking for a break in Nashville to play in clubs and honky-tonks.

Now that Wilson has reached the top of the country broadcast charts with her song, she’s about to release something new. There is no timeline for this, however – at the time of this interview, she was still deciding between another song from her critically acclaimed Say what i think‘or one of dozens, if not hundreds, of new songs she’s written over the past two years. LW2 isn’t ready, but it could be soon if it wasn’t so busy on Jason Aldean’s Back in the Saddle Tour.

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