Latin Superstar Bad Bunny Catches Everyone Singing In Japanese In New Single

Hey Latin lovers, this is K Marie a white girl in a Hispanic world! And can we please talk about Bad bunny? He’s been so busy lately doing huge things like fulfilling his dream of fighting in the WWE, and planning “El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo“which means roughly”The last world tour“, which will start in 2022. I mean, he’s busy, isn’t he? But he had been pretty quiet on social media, until today. It’s crazy because Bad Bunny is literally become such a superstar that he doesn’t even need to tease his fans with a release date, he just releases a song and it becomes a number 1 hit. This most recent single is interesting for a specific reason, it talks about Japanese in it! Yeah, I know, you’re still trying to understand what he’s saying in Spanish because maybe you don’t speak it well, and now he’s adding Japanese? Yonaguni and the video shows him doing everything from waking up to partying with friends, eating sushi and walking his dog.

A lot of people in the comments joked about him singing in Japanese in the song, but it’s a very cool idea and concept because we’ve seen musicians in Asia cross over with their music to the United States with bands from K-POP like BTS. So why can’t Bad Bunny cross Asia? A lot of people are going to think this is the first time a Latin superstar has done this, but I have to pay homage to what is due. There is a legend who has done this once in the past, and his name is Juan Luis Guerra. He had a role where he sang in Japanese in his song “Bachata en Fukuoka”.

Either way, Bad Bunny can really do whatever he wants. He’s at this point in his career where he’s doing whatever he wants to do, and since he now speaks Japanese, he might soon be interested in doing a few songs with Korean pop groups. Can you imagine anything between him and BTS? Bananas!

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