Latinx podcast episodes dedicated to Latinity and identity


With the start of Latinx / Hispanic Heritage Month come the inevitable conversations about our identities and culture. Going through social media can seem overwhelming at times, but luckily there are entire podcast episodes dedicated to these topics. Longtime favorites of Latinx podcasts, such as Locatora Radio and Code Switch, consistently cover these and other important issues related to the Latinx community. Newer podcasts like LaTeaNa are also doing the job of amplifying Latinx voices and tackling issues like the Black Lives Matter movement in relation to the Latinx community. We’ve rounded up nine of the best podcast episodes dedicated to discussing Latinidad.

A family conversation about race and latinidad – Latino USA

LatinUnited StatesPodcast2021

Latino USA shares stories about culture, politics, and social justice within Latinx communities. In the episode “A Family Conversation on Race and Latinidad”, two Afrolatinx cousins, Alexander Newton and Umar Williams, discuss race and Latinidad after the murder of George Floyd. We have all seen the start of real change and a rise in social justice movements following it and Newton and Williams discuss their journey through the eyes of Panamanians.

Latinidad and the American Racial Hierarchy – Modern Racism


Sociologist Trevor B. Milton launched the Modern Racism podcast which focuses on racial issues and the legacy of white supremacy. In the episode “Latinidad and he American Racial Hierarchy,” he discusses what it means to be Latinx in today’s society and discusses the fact that racism exists in all cultures, including Latin America. This particular episode shows how each culture has its own racial biases and it’s an uncomfortable but necessary conversation that needs to take place within the Latinx community.

American Brujeria – Latinx on the Rise


Latinx On The Rise is a podcast about sharing stories by Latinx and showing the world that Latinx crosses borders. “American brujeria”Is an episode that touches on Latinx spiritual practices. Although brujeria remains a powerful practice, many reject or stigmatize it as well. The host, like many of us, explains how common limpias were and talks to author J. Allen Cross, author of American brujeria. The book looks at spiritual practices and what it’s like to live between two cultures.

Latinx Representation – Tamarindo Podcast


Tamarindo hosts Ana Sheila Victorino and Brenda Gonzalez team up with Neilsen, a research firm, to discuss how the Latinx community is represented and what Latinx specifically watches and listens to. More and more TV shows and movies feature Latin actors and actresses and the music industry is booming with Latin artists. This particular episode not only talks about how Latinx is dominating the entertainment industry, but it also offers some suggestions on how to stay grounded and stay true to its roots.



Locatora Radio has everything you want in a podcast: humor, pop culture, wellness, and performance. In this episode, Diosa and Mala have a discussion about white men who identify as Latino (aka Faketinos) and how they capitalize on those credentials while not actually being Latin American. They have also previously covered this topic with women (“Faketinas”) discussing white women posing as Latinas, including white Jewish woman Jessica Krug posing as Afro-Latinas. The Caucasus!

Breaking down barriers as a Latina and as an immigrant – Modern immigrant

Image: modern

Host Vero is an immigrant from Venezuela who says migrating to the United States has been “one of the most difficult and extraordinary experiences” of her life. In her podcast, Modern Immigrant, she is dedicated to amplifying the voices of immigrants. On this episode, Yessi Bause opens with her graduation as a first generation student while dealing with her legal status and securing employment in the United States. The message here is “you are more than your legal status” and through Yessi’s inspiring journey, Vero shines a light on the untold stories of so many undocumented Latinxes in the United States

What does it mean to be Latino? The Light Skin Privilege Edition – Code Switch


Maria Garcia and Maria Hinojosa are both Mexican American and fair-skinned and with NPR Code switch they explore the complexities of their identities. While Hinojosa identifies as a woman of color, Garcia does not and this episode explains how the two women came to that conclusion. There’s no denying their white-skinned privileges, but it also goes much deeper than that and this episode shows just how personal identity really is.

‘Ain’t I Latina’ Founder Janel Martinez on Creating Space as Black Latinx – Latina to Latina


Host Alicia Menendez talks to Am i not latina founder Janel Martinez on his journey towards identification as an Afro-Latinx and discusses how Latinos see themselves in today’s society. Today’s media paint the ideal Latina like Sofia Vergara or Jennifer Lopez, so Martinez delves into how Latinas present themselves in different colors, shapes and backgrounds.

Black Lives Matter, Self-Love, Representation, Real Conversation – The La-Tea-Na Podcast


The La-Tea-Na Podcast is relatively new and in their first episode they discuss important issues around the Black Lives Matter movement and the portrayal of Latinx. This episode encourages Latinx to speak up and the importance of uplifting and celebrating in all of our rich diversity.


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