Lifestyle Weekly Spotify Playlist #35

Weekly Spotify Playlist:

Madelaine’s picks

  1. Strawberry Guy – “Sun Outside My Window”
  2. Faded – “New Theory”
  3. Young the Giant – “Amerika”

Chamber pop artist Strawberry Guy released his latest album “Sun Outside My Window” in 2021 which includes a song of the same name. The song features smooth vocals and an 80s-inspired instrumental track that gives the song a retro yet current sound.

Singer-songwriter Chillwave Ernest Weatherly Greene, Jr., formerly known as Washed Out, hit it big when their song “Feel It All Around” was selected as the theme song for the show “Portlandia.” “New Theory” and “Feel It All Around” are on the same 2009 album “Life of Leisure”. “New Theory” is what Washed Out does best, delivering the perfect blend of shoegaze, indie and synth.

Young the Giant is an alternative rock band formed in 2004. “Amerika” is the first track from the band’s 2016 album “Home of the Strange.” After the album was released in 2016, I had this song on repeat for months before hearing it again recently. The song’s lyrics critique the idea of ​​the American Dream and detail the endless search for things considered part of the American Dream. The song features an upbeat drum pattern and a bittersweet melody.

Quade’s choices

  1. Loving – “SPARK-YET”
  2. Michael Jackson – “Human Nature”
  3. Carolina Gaitán, Rhenzy Feliz, Adassa, Stephanie Beatriz, Mauro Castillo, Diane Guerrero – “We’re not talking about Bruno”

Aimer has had many heavy hitters in his career so far, but “SPARK-AGAIN” stands out due to its popularity as the third opening of the “Fire Force” anime. The impressive vocal range that Aimer is known for is on full display here with a catchy melody to boot.

It seems like wherever you go, you can’t escape Michael Jackson’s legendary discography. Although he is a household name, “Human Nature” is one of his underrated songs. The title hints at the subject, but the lyrics aren’t heavy at all. In fact, they tend to blend into the beat quite well.

The movie “Encanto” recently hit Disney+ and exposed the film to a wider audience. “We’re Not Talking About Bruno” became an overnight sensation, and for good reason. The musical genius behind “Hamilton,” Lin-Manuel Miranda, and talented vocals like Stephanie Beatriz and Diane Gurero make this song a package of grandeur. With subtle lyrical detail and a Latin-inspired beat, this song eclipses most Disney songs in recent years.

Kyron’s Picks

  1. fun. – “A foot”
  2. Lupe Fiasco, Ed Sheeran – “Old School Love”
  3. Kanye West, DaBaby – “Jail pt 2”

“One Foot” is a song that tends to go unnoticed among the band’s fans. At its core, the song is about the tribulations encountered and the pursuit of better mental health. The chorus is upbeat and uplifting with a message to keep thriving one step at a time.

“Old School Love” is a love song about yearning for old school love, but also about living in the moment. Ed Sheeran provides his wonderful vocals for the chorus, and Lupe Fiasco’s verse paints a picture of young romance with the lyrics.

Part of the “Donda” album, “Jail pt 2” functions as a follow-up to another song from the “Jail” album. DaBaby provides a great verse to the song while addressing the subject of mass incarceration and the injustices that come with it.

Daija’s picks

  1. Lake Street Dive – “Better Than”
  2. Maren Morris, Hozier – “The Bones”
  3. Head and Heart – “All We Ever Knew”

Lake Street Dive is a Brooklyn-based band experimenting with multiple genres. “Better Than” is no different as it incorporates a blues and folk sound that perfectly complements lead singer Rachael Price’s deep vocals.

Maren Morris and Hozier being an unlikely duo didn’t stop them from collaborating on “The Bones.” Morris brings his unique country style while Hozier lends his deep, raspy vocals to create a balanced song. The beat is catchy and the melody will be stuck in your head for days.

“All We Ever Knew” is a song with a sad meaning, but masked by an upbeat and catchy instrumental track. The song details a toxic relationship and how those involved have to deal with it, but understand that toxicity is the only thing they’ve ever known.

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