LouCii: a passionate artist and multi-genre music producer who has the ability to write the beats that make hearts dance.

“I have always gone where no man has gone before,” LouCii, the epitome of immense confidence and a doer of what no one can do.

LouCii (Louay Kouncar), a passionate artist and versatile music producer, began his musical journey at an early age. LouCii carries the personality to initiate labor, which most of the time no one else can. As the world faced COVID, LouCii constantly worked on their music catalog and made history by announcing three albums on the same day. His motto “keep fighting” is the survival solution in the music industry. He added: “Fortunately for me, I have not been financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but I know that many of my colleagues have been. So I have tried to help those as much as possible. who needed it by mixing/mastering their songs and allowing them to use my studio for free.

About LouCii (Louay Kouncar)

During the pandemic, LouCii has been working on his dream albums, and on August 11, 2021, he released a triptych of albums in one day, an eclectic wealth of music spanning 39 tracks and including lyrics in three languages. The albums are named “Dark Like Kryptonite”, “Back2BassX” and “Global Vibes”. It was a first in the history of music.

LouCii has experimented with various genres within the context of electronic dance music. Upon releasing all three albums on the same day, LouCii said, “I’ve always gone where no man has gone before; I think the release of my 3 albums with 39 titles covering 14 musical genres and 3 languages, on the same day speaks louder than words and clearly places me in a category of my own.

Grammy-level sounds and productions, Dark Like Kryptonite was created for peak music festival times, including growing electronic subgenres such as Big Room house and Future Rave music. Highlights include “Too Late Now,” a compelling future house track, and the self-explanatory blockbuster “Future Rave On Mars.” A resounding success that has been played at all dance music festivals by artists like David Guetta, Timmy Trumpet and many more.

Back2BassX is a multi-house genre album that brings a HUGE amount of bass and club vibes to any dance floor.

Global Vibes specializes in dance music with an exotic twist. Throughout its 12 songs, the album delves into reggaeton, Latin pop, dancehall, Arabic pop and other genres.

More information about LouCii and his music can be found at www.loucii.com or on IG @iamloucii

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