Luis Miguel and his brothers were close – What is the relationship today?


The Netflix series Luis Miguel: the series, now in its second season, has reignited the controversial life of famous singer Luis Miguel. His childhood and youth were full of family conflicts which culminated with the death of his father, Luisito Rey, and the disappearance of his mother, Marcela Basteri. Both situations have been explored and will continue to be in the new season of the Netflix series.

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The singer has two younger brothers, Alejandro and Sergio, with whom he was very close when they were growing up. However, after the death of their father, their relationship changed.

In season 2 of Luis Miguel: the series, one of the calendars that viewers will be shown will be in the 90s, where Luis Miguel (Diego Boneta) tries to balance by taking care of his two brothers, Alex (Juanpa Zurita) and Sergio (Alberto Caneva), and his career after the death of his father, Luisito Rey (Óscar Jaenada).


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After Luis’ grandmother refuses to give him full custody of Sergio, it’s the family doctor, Octavio Foncerrada, who ends up taking care of Sergio, and the two move to Boston. Over the years, Luis takes care of Sergio’s monetary needs. The two stayed in touch for over a decade, but then there was the deterioration of Sergio’s relationship with Luis Miguel.

With Season 2 partly focusing on the boys, fans want to know where the brothers are today, and does Luis have a good relationship with his brothers? Read on to find out all we know about Luis’s brothers and their current relationship.

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Where is the relationship between Luis and his brothers today?

Unfortunately Luis and Sergio don’t speak at all today. They stopped talking to each other after Luis allegedly wanted to buy a house in Spain for Sergio and the doctor. But Sergio wanted to continue his studies in the United States, go to school at Boston College and go to Harvard Law School, but Luis wanted his brother to attend university in England.

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When Sergio told his brother he wanted to stay in the United States, they had a big argument. In an interview with Metro Word News, Octavio spoke about Luis and Sergio’s relationship and shared, “It was when they couldn’t fully understand each other. Sergio said to him: ‘Wait for me a bit’, there was a distancing so, Luis Miguel cut his financial support, and they also eliminated all traces of relationship and contact.

Sergio and Luis have never mended their relationship and are not speaking, and it seems that Alejandro is not speaking with Sergio either.

Luis stays in touch with his other younger brother, Alejandro. Through NewsBeezer, the “Te Necesito” singer was seen at an exclusive Miami bowling alley in 2018 to celebrate Alejandro’s birthday.

Alejandro even took to Instagram in April 2018 to wish his older brother a happy birthday, posting a photo of Luis on stage.

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Where are Luis Miguel’s brothers today?

After Sergio argued with Luis over his move to England, he has not continued his education in Boston since Luis cut him off financially. He returned to Guadalajara with Octavio, where he still lives. In an interview with The Latin Times, Octavio said that Sergio started studying photography but couldn’t finish his studies because he didn’t have enough money.

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However, he shared that he works very hard as a photographer and chef to make a living. Speaking of Luis, all Octavio said was, “The only thing I thank from the bottom of my heart and soul is that this gentleman, Luis Miguel, let me educate Sergio, a person that I love as if he were mine.

Currently, Alejandro is said to be dedicated to the corporate sector. He earns millions running multiple businesses, from gas stations to construction companies, and lives in Mexico.

New episodes of Luis Miguel: the series airs every Sunday on Netflix.


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