Luis Miguel and his relaunch campaign

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We all have a first memory of El Sol .

Mine, late, corresponds to the year 1985 when he sang “Noi, ragazzi di oggi” at the Festival of San Remo, Italy. Luis Miguel then obtained the second place in an international competition, showing that the success of his career which started four years ago was not the result of chance.

We all have a first memory of El Sol and this is why the revelations that the Netflix series made on his life have caused a stir, interest and thousands of mentions on social media, most notably on Sunday nights, when it airs weekly. another chapter and we know a bit more about the drama.

An emblematic figure of Mexican popular culture who has only wandered on the brink of oblivion once again occupies a privileged place in our conversations, on television, in gossip magazines and of course on the chronology of our social networks.

Just a few months ago, when the media spoke of Luis Miguel, it was to talk about cancellations of concerts, labor process , breach of contract and even an accusation of plagiarism over 18 years ago.

The singer’s career seems to be eroding between debt, rumors of alcoholism and tinnitus, a common illness among musicians that causes them to hear buzzing sounds, even though there is no external sound source.

Little by little, the sun was setting and the world, indifferent, watched its decline.

Time to relaunch

When a product reaches maturity, you have to think about a relaunch if you want to avoid its decline. The excitement it might have generated during its introduction phase has been left behind and the struggle to keep it in the consumer’s taste is becoming more and more bloody.

The same thing happens to singers. His style is exhausted. They stop surprising. They are anchored in certain segments of the population and are gradually beginning to live off the glories of yesterday. If maturity comes and they are not able to reinvent themselves, the impending decline which means the beginning of the end will come.

The series premiere on Netflix appears to be Luis Miguel’s relaunch as a singer and iconic figure in Mexican popular culture history. Nothing is accidental. It all seems to be part of a pre-established plan that has worked so far, also providing us with a series of lessons on what to consider when relaunching a product.

1. Analyze the environment

One of the first steps in ensuring the effectiveness of a product relaunch is to perform an environmental scan. We need to study trends, understand what the competition is doing, examine the effectiveness of distribution channels and find a way to reach our potential consumer. Intuition is not enough: you have to observe, investigate and analyze to be as precise as possible.

A few years ago, it would have been natural for Luis Miguel to sell the rights to his story to Televisa. The company was a key part of its success in the 1980s (with several appearances by the artist on the Program always on Sunday ) , but today the public is no longer there. Imitating the strategy of other series, Luis Miguel has opted for on-demand distribution on the most powerful platform on the market: Netflix.

This seemingly simple move generated anticipation and long before the show’s premiere people started talking about it.

2. Define your new positioning

There can be no recovery without a clearly discernible change for the consumer. The idea is to preserve what has characterized the product for years, but to present it in a fresh and innovative way. Sometimes it’s a logo redesign, sometimes it’s a variation of the product itself: new flavors, colors or sizes. Before we reinvent it, we have to define very well what we intend to achieve with the change.

One of the previews of Luis Miguel The Serie shows the real artist dressed in an elegant black suit, walking around what appears to be his house and with his Voice off saying, “For decades a lot of people have talked about my life, but it’s come The moment my truth comes out There are many versions, there really is only one. This is my story”.

From the start of his career, Luis Miguel had been absolutely secret about a private life surrounded by puzzles due to the conflicted relationship with his father, his multiple loves and the mysterious disappearance of his mother. The media have speculated on the truth for over 40 years and now it is the same artist warning us that he is ready to reveal his story.

He’s the same singer as always, but with a different face. Hermeticism has been left behind. The new Luis Miguel appears before our eyes vulnerable and ready to show us the wounds and secrets he has been hiding for decades.

3. Captivate those who already know you

Retaining customers who already know you costs five times less than capturing new ones. One of the keys to a successful relaunch is reminding those who once loved you why they did it. Nostalgia is a crucial part of the strategy. Of course, it’s about perceiving your product as something new, but based on the appreciation they once had for you.

It is evident that the main target from Luis Miguel’s series, we all grew up with him. Regardless of what one may think of his music, the artist has marked an era and to immerse yourself in its history is to relive it. Chapter by chapter, the series confirmed episodes in the artist’s life that were once legends. The result? We spoke about him again, complaining about a very complex childhood and youth, under the yoke of a dominant father, the voracious interest of record companies and the absence of a mother whom we (still) know little about.

Search trends for terms related to the artist (“Luis miguel”, “Mariana Yazbek”, “Luisito rey”) show that the strategy worked and that interest in the singer was rekindled.

4. Keep what has been promised

A relaunch does not make sense if it fails to convince the consumer that the product is reborn and that it is not in the dreaded phase of decline that will lead to oblivion. It is not enough to change the image, the colors or the flavors to modify this perception. The campaign must be accompanied by real satisfaction that transcends nostalgia. It is not easy to achieve this.

The singer has rekindled interest in himself and his music (the reproduction of his song “Guilty or not” saw a 4000% increase on Spotify after the fourth episode of the series) and it is possible that the trend will continue. until June 10, date of the release of the eighth and final chapter of the series.

The opportunity that the artist has to launch now, during this period, a new record production which shows that there is still freshness in him is unique. Only then will we be able to say that the objective of its revival will have been exploited.

Luis Miguel’s series on Netflix has fulfilled its mission of relaunching the Sun, but that depends on how long it will continue to light up the sky.


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