Luis Miguel and the strange behavior that is not typical of his personality

What Luis Miguel One of the most successful artists in Latin history is beyond doubt. Since its founding in the early 80s, everything “El Sol de México” has touched has turned to gold and his career has grown steadily in no time.

even with successful production “Luis Miguel, series” (Netflix), the singer’s life was once again on everyone’s lips, with her scandals, her romance, her difficult relationship with her father and the mysterious disappearance of her mother. With the hand of his long and successful career – and the money the show gave him in royalties -, Luis Miguel managed to get a real fortune. However, those years of wasting money and spending it out of control are long gone; And today, it displays a completely opposite profile.

Luis Miguel and a strange behavior that is not typical of his personality. Source: Terra Archive.

The unknown side of Luis Miguel: the passage of years has made him miserly

Information that confirms this frugal cost Luis Miguel -and which is very different from the one he knew how to show during his best years and which he spared no expense- was dropped by journalist Javier Ceriani in the program “Gossip No Like”. Notably, in the posting, he confirmed that the “La Bikina” singer is not currently living in his luxurious Miami apartment, but moved to his exclusive yacht “Enico,” the model in 2013.

And when deciding to be pocket-friendly and thrifty in spending is more than recommended – even for big numbers – it can give you a headache. Luis MiguelAnd it is that in the same television program he confirmed that the Mexican artist is in a relationship with the designer Paloma Cuevas, a former comrade of Luismi’s best friend (Enrique Ponce).

The fact is that a life of penance cannot be dreamed of by the woman, as he suggests in “Gossip No Like”, is fascinated and even dreams of being able to be with Luis Miguel A rebirth of those years of luxury, travel and exorbitant spending.

Luis Miguel and a strange behavior that is not typical of his personality. Source: Terra Archive.

Just a few days ago, the same TV show confirmed that the singer was forcing his girlfriend to sign some sort of confidentiality agreement. among other terms, Luis Miguel He forbids his colleagues to talk about the details of their relations with or with the press or with other people. He also forbids them to take pictures with him and publish them.

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