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Luis Miguel elbow? Mariachi even attacks with Pablo Montero | Instagram

Luis Miguel is said to be one of the names that popped up after a mariachi gave various figures in the show a balcony, among which they also mentioned Pablo Montero. Are they elbows?

The acclaimed singer Of Puerto Rican origin, Luis Miguel is said to have left a group of mariachis with bad memories after recently addressing the issue of artists who do not value the work of others.

Luis Miguel He is one of the most important and successful artists in Latin America, who during his career had the opportunity to be accompanied by one of the most important and traditional groups, such as the “Mariachi Vargas of Tecalitlán”.

Despite the fact that both made an excellent dumbbell, members of the said group have said in previous statements that they have no plans to return to resume work with “Mexican Sun“This, without going into details.

Recently, Chucho López revealed at a press conference that, unfortunately, many of the artists they have worked with and contributed to their fame, have not even come close amid the recent crises that have left contagions.

After thanking various figures of music for whom they had great support, he also regretted that others on the contrary did not support the musicians dedicated to this genre, the native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the Mexican, Pablo Montero, would be two of them.

Mariachi leader Chucho López has hinted that they sometimes face mistreatment from celebrities.

The musician, who was distinguished with the merit “honoris causa”, showed his great dissatisfaction with the position taken by this type of artists, he considers that they have made them earn millions, however, he paid them a much smaller amount. , he pointed out. in case of “Luis Mi“?

For this reason, he did not skimp on the fact of saying who are the less generous performers with them, one of them I would point out, is precisely the performer of “You know one thing”, Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, that said about him “record producer“in an interview with YouTuber Edén Dorantes.

It is sad that great personalities who collaborated with them, it is not a reproach, but they did not approach it. The people we made them win and we saw they charge 10million, 15million pesos and they always give us what they want mariachi.

Jesús López highlighted the gesture of “equality” he fights for as the leader of the mariachi band, he said.

As for Pablo Montero, he said that although he is one of the most, he took advantage of this genre to make himself known and had various presentations on the arm of regional musicians, the treatment was not overwhelming. flattering.

“Pablo Montero He never supported mariachi, ”said López, who also referred to an uncomfortable moment during a past altercation between the singer, Montero and the band members.

As for Luis Miguel, the music director with five years of experience mentioned that the 51-year-old artist only hires them, however, he does not offer any help like other famous performers of vernacular music, among whom he has underlined Pepe Aguilar and / or Alejandro Fernandez.

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