Luis Miguel enjoys the beach in Miami with his new girlfriend

Luis Miguel is making headlines again, and not necessarily because of recent photos in which he looks younger and full of energy. But because “El Sol” was captured on the beaches of Miami, accompanied by the model Mercedes Villador, with whom he had a relationship for some time. In the footage, the two are seen relaxed, living life and enjoying the beach while rocking in sandals, sunglasses and light clothing.

Influencer Yael Sandler took the snaps of the couple and shared them on their Instagram Stories, causing a stir among the media and loyal Luis Miguel fans. Although people don’t know if the woman was Mercedes Villador, the model herself clarified that it was her.


“No mystery woman, it’s his girlfriend of two years, Mercedes Villador, she is Argentinian and has a degree in nutrition, in addition to being a beautiful woman!” wrote the user, to which Villador replied with a heart-shaped emoji, validating the information.

Additionally, Villador shared a story in which she appears wearing the same hat in Yael Sandler’s photos. So, there’s no doubt that “LuisMi” is enjoying the Miami summer in great company.

HELLO ! UNITED STATES recently reported on Luis Miguel’s new look. Always with an air of mystery, Luis Miguel wore a black suit look with a satin lapel, and a matching shirt that he unbuttoned at chest level. He seemed so happy that he apparently broke his own rule of photographing with fans and agreed to pose with this group of friends who were celebrating a birthday at a prestigious restaurant in Miami.

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