Luis Miguel has a girlfriend, according to Lucía Miranda: what did Hugo López’s ex-partner say

Season 2 of Luis Miguel, the series It’s over, but fans still want to know more about the life of the Mexican singer, who, as has already been shown, has always been very jealous of his private life. Indeed, it was only now with his Netflix series that he was prompted to tell the story of his mother Marcela Basteri’s disappearance. What happened to Luis Miguel’s mother? This was one of the questions that started to circulate after the first installment and, despite that, it still remains a real mystery.

And another mystery is her love life. Luis Miguel is he in a relationship? According to Lucie Mirandawidow of Hugo lopez, Yes. It is true that there had already been photographs of the performer with a woman on a beach and, according to the ex-Argentinian model, this is the person the singer is in love with today. It must be remembered that Miranda first met Luismi when he was living in Mexico and López represented him. At Disclose, we tell you who is young.

Who is Luis Miguel’s girlfriend: Lucía Miranda revealed her identity

Lucie Miranda She was married to Hugo López, former manager of Luis Miguel, at the best time of the Mexican singer. However, after the death of her husband, the former model preferred to return to Argentina to rebuild her life. Today, he devotes himself to journalism and driving. Although she hasn’t had such a smooth contact with Luismi as before, Miranda seems to know some details of her current private life. In fact, he said he told her himself who his partner was now.

In an interview with the Argentinian magazine HI!, Miranda revealed that she had contacted him by phone and “You heard it very well”. For his part, he also told her that his girlfriend is an Argentinian model born in the province of Misiones who also has a degree in nutrition. For some time now he has been living in the city of Acapulco, one of Luis Miguel’s favorite places. The Mercedes villador reportedly met Luismi and they reportedly started a romance after breaking up with Mollie Gould following some rumors of discontent.

Meanwhile, in another report, he said that although he continues a relationship with this young woman, “he can change.” “He’s in Acapulco and he told me he was very happy. He’s still with this girlfriend, but hey we don’t know, that could change. I always forget the model name. She is from Misiones, very pretty and she is not very well known. He really appreciates the series “, expressed in dialogue with the Argentinian channel C5N.

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