Luis Miguel has a Spotify record that Bad Bunny has yet to top

As many know, bad bunny is one of the most outstanding artists of recent times, positioning itself as the most listened to in the world for two consecutive years in Spotify. However, the Puerto Rican is still unable to break the record recently set by Luis Miguel, who was crowned the first Latino to have 266 songs with over a million views each on the streaming platform.

It was through social networks that the Mexican artist shared the good news with his audience. And it is that, although the monthly number of listeners between bad bunny (46 million) and Luis Miguel (10 million) is very different; prolific career sun This puts him one step ahead of the Puerto Rican reggaeton player.

With more than 40 years of career and nearly 30 study materials, Luis Miguel being one of the most important Spanish-speaking performers of all time. He has won more than 120 personal awards and is the youngest singer to receive a Grammys, at 14, and also the youngest Latin artist to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk, at 26. During his career, he sold over 100 million records.

Although five years have passed since the release of the last record of Luis Miguel (“Mexico Forever”2017), the artist’s catalog has experienced a considerable increase in audience after the broadcast of the three seasons of “Luis Miguel: The Series” to netflix. Since then, audiences have been asking for more new music sunAnd it looks like that wish is about to come true.

It was recently revealed that Luis Miguel He is already working on a new album composed of unreleased songs and some renewed versions of his hits of yesteryear. The producer will collaborate on the album (which will serve to commemorate his 40-year career) Kiko Cibrian and the composer Carlos Macías.

On Spotify, the five most listened to songs by Luis Miguel are: “Now you can leave” (378 million streams), “The unconditional” (318 million), “Until you forget me” (233 million), “Guilty or not” (221 million) and “The U-turn” (170 million).

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