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Luis Miguel How much did you earn for your Netflix series?

There is no doubt that one of the most famous series of the Platform From Netflix it’s Luis Miguel: The Series and it’s caused a stir not just in Mexico, but across much of the world.

That’s right, the launch of the Series The Netflix autobiography of Luis Miguel was a hit for the platform and a hit that allowed the singer to resume his career and overcome any financial issues he might have.

However, the question millions of people are now asking is how much he charged Luis Miguel for the rights to his series.

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As you may remember, the show’s first season premiered in 2018, which is when we began to uncover the singer’s most private secrets; his childhood, the difficult relationship with his father and the beginnings of his career.

According to Forbes magazine, the Mexican singer received $ 5 million for the show’s first season alone.

Note that the figure was unveiled by Carlos Bremer, one of the pillars and responsible for the series to be produced.

According to reports, Bremer was responsible for creating the strategy for Luis Miguel to take advantage of the series’ boom and resume his artistic career.

The role of Carlos Bremer was played by Carlos Ponce and it was shown that the businessman was one of the friends who encouraged the singer to take on this new project which ultimately generated big profits and regain his success.

Plus, the five million Luis Miguel earned in the first season is more than the 4.5 million Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix received for playing in the movie “Joker”. which grossed over $ 1 billion at the box office.

It makes sense to think that if the first season was a success, a second part would be more and better.

Especially for Luis Miguel, who for the second part of his life increased his cache and, although the exact figure was not disclosed, Bremer revealed that he could have easily doubled or tripled his earnings.

And is that for the second season of the series Luis Miguel could earn between 10 and 15 million dollars, according to the calculations of Carlos Bremer.

Of course, attached to his style, Luis Miguel neither confirms nor denies these numbers, which is to be expected.

Without a doubt, the same is happening with the third season, there is no specific or confirmed figure on what the singer received.

However, like Boneta, we assume that Luis Miguel has increased his hiding place with the success of each season.

And we are only talking about the profits made in copyright concepts, but there is much more.

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