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With a little over 40 years of artistic career, the name of Luis Miguel continues to monopolize the front page since the premiere of his series at the hands of Netflix, directed by Diego Boneta.

And is that over the course of three seasons the singer was seen with very few occasions and shared some details of his life that were unknown, of his family, of his career and even of some of his romances.

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Since then, the singer’s songs have taken front row seats on various digital platforms, and even new generations have chanted songs such as “Guilty or Not”, “I Have Everything But You” and “Parole d’Honneur” .

However, the series reopened a few wounds that seemed to have healed over the years, but became a good economic source for the “Mexican Sun”.

And it is that everything seems to indicate that only for the first season of the series where the themes of his childhood and the relationship with his father are touched, Luis Rey the singer has obtained earnings of no less than five million dollars.

However, a source close to the interpreter of Mexican nationality, revealed that the singer had revealed to a Mexican media that not only was wasting everything that the series left him financially, but also was on the verge of losing an arm.

Serious health?

According to what was shared by TV Notes magazine, Luis Miguel had a spectacular accident in June 2021, when a heavy fall fractured his left shoulder.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, the singer of songs like “La bikina” was transferred to a hospital in Santa Monica, United States, where a small surgical procedure was performed.

After the operation was completed, American doctors suggested that she undergo a rehabilitation procedure, but the Mexican star did not and so some complications erupted months later.

The worst of his recovery came shortly before the holidays as his health deteriorated to such an extent that he damaged his left arm to the point of losing it.

However, the doctors were able to intervene in time and managed to save his whole arm and at the moment he is rehabilitating which will be quite long despite the fact that the singer has already announced a surprise for 2022.

Depressed and bankrupt?

Despite the fact that only three seasons of the singer’s life were made, he had an economic remuneration of a total of three million Mexican pesos, which he wasted within a few months.

But everything seems to indicate that the singer will come back in style and it is not known if with new music or a new tour through Mexico and the United States, which will make his career stand out again.

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