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After the controversy that his own sparked at the end of the second season of Luis Migue, the series , It has been revealed that the 51-year-old performer has given herself a new opportunity in love with a beautiful Argentinian. It was Lucía Miranda herself, the widow of Hugo López, who spoke about the singer’s new court with a young woman born in the province of Misiones in Argentina.

© Custom The 51-year-old singer gives himself a new chance in love

Miranda, who was the wife of the late director of El Sol, confirmed the relationship, which began months ago and developed in the port of Acapulco, where Luis Miguel Magnani is said to have taken refuge in his home. against the COVID-19 pandemic. his friend, Miguel Alemán. “She is with a girlfriend, who is missionary, very pretty and well, she is happy,” Lucía Miranda said in an interview for Argentinian television station C5N.

Mercedes villador© @ pickyvcAfter the relationship with Luis Miguel became known, Mercedes shut down all of its social networks; in fact, it is impossible to find his Instagram account

Although Miranda has not revealed the identity of the young woman, fans as well as the media have speculated that it was model Mercedes Villador. “She is a girl, very skinny, with a lot of breast, thin, beautiful … she is not a known model,” he said of the woman who accompanied the singer during the confinement . “He is very happy,” he added.

Miranda added that “Luis Mi” was taking all necessary precautions because he was concerned about catching the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the coronavirus. “He takes great care of himself because he has enough apprehension, he is afraid of the pandemic, but he is fine with a girl for a boyfriend. ”

According to the presenters of Sale el Sol, Argentina has a degree in nutrition and lived with ‘El Sol’ for months in Acapulco. The first time this romance was known was in December of last year, when they were photographed in Heavenly Harbor.

Luis Miguel© GrosbyGroup Luis Miguel and Mollie Gould ended their relationship months ago

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