Luis Miguel reappears and his image denies the magazine

Luis Miguel reappears in a healthy, lean and gaunt style | instagram

Luis Miguel reappears and surprises his fans by appearing in a new video amid rumors and speculation surrounding the ‘famous 51-year-old’.

the a singer, Luis Miguel reappeared in a video in Acapulco, at some point a journalist intercepted him to ask for an interview, although the “puerto rican star“He reacted in a friendly way, he did not accept the interview so he was persecuted insistently to be convinced.

Until now, it is not known if it was a coincidence that Luis Miguel could be captured in public, amid speculation a nationally circulated magazine has fueled in recent days about the “precarious situation” of the “record producer“.

The snapshot circulated on the Instagram account of @inesmoreno1, which posted the photo in which the man born in San Juan, Puerto Rico appeared last Saturday.

It was last Tuesday, January 18, when two photographs of the interpreter circulated, taken by paparazzi, aboard a yacht.

Far from what has been mentioned in recent days, “LuisMi“, can we see in a series of images with a healthy appearance, far from the alleged declarations of an anonymous friend who would assure Télé Notes on “the ruin and the degraded state of health” of the star.

However, the performer of songs like “When the sun is hot”, “La Bikina” etc., looks healthy, slim, handsome and with a different style of clothing according to two of the photos in which he was captured.

Likewise, it was his close friend, Carlos Bremer, who in recent weeks was questioned by the cameras of Ventaneando about the alleged publications of the edition, which he completely denied.

“Luis Miguel is doing well with healthy finances, fortunately he has been able to cover his debts satisfactorily and as if that were not enough, he is preparing to resume his career as a singer”, reportedly said the friend of now based in Miami, Florida. ensure the cameras of the Ventaneando program.

It should be mentioned that the performer of various genres which include funk, pop, ballads, boleros, jazz tangos, big band and mariachi, if he would have performed in a heavy fall which led to his emergency transfer to the hospital.

According to the publication, he also hinted at the consequences it would have on the health of the “Sun” after apparently not paying attention to medical recommendations to recover from the arm.

Although VALUE’s current Managing Director, Grupo Financiero did not address specifics in this regard, Bremer, who saved Micky’s career, along with Miguel Alemán Magnani, reiterated that “Aracely Arámbula’s ex” , has paid off all his debts and hopes to resume his career soon.

“He took the opportunity and cleaned up all his mistakes, he was very good with everyone. He paid his debts to everyone and once again gave us the emotion of having him as the great that he is”, would be the words of the friend of the Galician Basteri.

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