Luis Miguel reappears on Instagram with a mysterious image

The performer hasn’t pleased her fans with unreleased music since 2017 (Photo: Getty Images)

It was last March when . in the official account of Luis Miguel A message was posted on Instagram which estimated the achievements of the singer on stage Spotify. In Job Shared on the first day of March, the artist became known as First Latino to have over 266 songs viewed over a million times On this forum.

Undoubtedly a phenomenal achievement for the acclaimed artist, but today, August 1st, five months later, that is exactly what happened. The “movement” was recorded on the account of Luis Miguel.The photo leaves some of the 2.3 million people who follow it on the social network in suspense.

The singer has 266 songs with over a million streams on the platform (Photo: Instagram)

Surprisingly, the interpreter of it will happen that you don’t love me He started his activity by sharing a story, creating excitement and sparking speculation among his audience. picture in question this is a very similar picturePerhaps in the same photo shoot, made for this last post by the artist.

wearing a black suit and shirt and dupatta you can see Fifth note of the musical scale 52 years Posing in profile and spreading a slight smile with a hand on her face. This studio photograph doesn’t even match the image the performer wore when he was recently imprisoned with someone influential people Where else, in a restaurant in Miami Rejuvenated and radiant to appear with less weight compared to previous occasions.

Recent instagram Luis Miguel caused a stir because the artist is not very good at social networks and his sporadic publications refer to his accomplishments as an artist in relation to records and releases, But never in his personal life, as is his habit.

With this image shared in his stories, the singer sparked speculation Photo: Screenshot
With this image shared in his stories, the singer sparked speculation Photo: Screenshot

The photo where Luis Miguel did not make any announcements or write any texts The door to speculation remained open, because after having succeeded Luis Miguel: Series The singer has not shown any signs of being ready for another project, although it is said that sheHe’s been picking songs for months Which should be part of an unreleased album.

With her new look, the chances remain open that the singer is “Preparing the ground” to return to the music scene since 2017 louismée He hasn’t released any new content, which his die-hard fans are looking forward to.

For now, it is unknown if Luis Miguel has plans for a new release or even a tour. What we have learned from him in recent months is that he Lives in Miami, FloridaAnd they have been seen having fun in public places on several occasions, however and as always, The artist lays lowThus maintains the mystery of his personal life which owes much to his legend.

At the beginning of July, the artist was photographed in Miami in the company of beautiful women (Photo: Instagram @entrefamososmx)
At the beginning of July, the artist was photographed in Miami in the company of beautiful women (Photo: Instagram @entrefamososmx)

Although he hasn’t released any new music, the artist has something to say on the sentimental side, as he is currently rumored to have started flirting with the Spaniards. Pigeon cavesWith whom he would have spent the summer in the European country.

And that according to these versions, the famous singer Matador would go out in love with the ex-wife of the bullfighter Henry Poncethe question is getting weird since Paloma and Enrique Miguel are the godfathers of GallegoOne of Luis Miguel’s children was born with Araceli Arambula, so now the singer Under the table He must be romantic who is his partner.

Cuevas, a fashion designer for the company Rosa ClaraAssociated for 24 years with the bullfighter, whom Mickey met in Acapulco in 2003, thanks to Miguel Aleman Magnani, who introduced him to the port.

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