Luis Miguel released on bail after his arrest in the United States

Mexican singer Luis Miguel has been released on bail after being arrested in Los Angeles on Tuesday for failing to appear in court in a case against his former manager, William Brockhaus, a Brockhaus lawyer told EFE.

A spokesperson for the US Marshals Service, the office that enforces federal court orders, told EFE the artist was released after posting bail and appearing before Judge Virginia A. Phillips on Tuesday.

Luis Miguel was arrested for repeatedly refusing to appear in court for hearings in the Brockhaus case.

A federal judge in Los Angeles, according to court documents, warned the singer on March 24 that if he did not appear in court, a warrant would be issued for his arrest.

Lawyer Amy B. Messigian told EFE on April 17 that Federal District Court Judge Virginia A. Phillips had signed a warrant for the arrest of Luis Miguel for “contempt of court”.

Brockhaus sued Luis Miguel for over $1 million in commissions plus interest and attorney’s fees, alleging breach of contract.

Brockhaus was the singer’s manager from 2013 to 2015.

In January, Phillips ordered the seizure of a Rolls Royce belonging to the singer.

Meanwhile, last February, the request for deposition of a certain Joe Madera, an assistant very close to Luis Miguel for many years, was made for his alleged knowledge of the facts necessary for the court.

“An interrogation of Madera before the judge is necessary to determine the whereabouts of Luis Miguel’s property,” attorney Kenneth J. Kelly said in a statement, also on behalf of Brockhaus.

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