Luis Miguel sent a powerful message about Aracely Arámbula in his series


In the last episodes of his autobiography, El Sol referred to the mother of his two children.

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Louis Meg sent a powerful message about Aracely Arámbula in his autobiography

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Just like he knew again and again Aracely Arámbula, the story she lived with Luis Miguel will not be told in the third and final season of the vital El Sol series.

However, the singer sent a strong message about the mother of his children Daniel and Miguel in one of the last episodes of the popular series.

And it’s true, in the penultimate episode, when the plot features the translator’s encounters with the producer in charge of putting part of his life on the screen, Luis Miguel, played in Diego’s novel. Bonita, refers forcefully to her former partner.

These are the pictures that Arasli Arambula showed his children

In the scene, you can see a singer as the sun warms up in reference to the data the company had on his father, Luisito Ray, whom he describes as responsible for his passion for music; It was then that he put on the table his refusal to speak at all about La Chule.

“I can’t tell you that he was a good person, nor that he was a husband and not a good father, but what I can say is that he was the first to believe in me, so put it all, every trap, every scam ah, Aracely don’t talk Verse “, He said frankly.

After how part of his love life was portrayed in the series alongside Stephanie Salas, with whom he had his eldest daughter Michelle Salas, Mariana Yazbek, Daisy Fuentes and Mariah Carey, many have speculated what he would tell of their love affair together. an actress.

On several occasions, she was responsible for specifying that her name, the name of her children or the date on which they lived could be influenced in the production, even stressing that she was legally protected and that she could at the future tell him on his side of the story.


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