LUIS MIGUEL: The incredible transformation of the “Sol de México”; isn’t he a good-looking kid anymore?

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A lot can be said about Louis Michael How does it seem that the seasons of your bioseries they fall short, as it is endless anecdotes about the singer who, to this day, is considered one of the best voices our country has given.

By staying out of the public eye, it’s only natural that when he makes a statement or reappears, it immediately becomes a trend on social media and gets mentioned in various media. This is the case of the pair of photos that leaked and immediately caused a sensation.

Luis Miguel reappears and looks very different

From the youngest age, Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, was a restless boy who ventured into the music world with the support of his father Luisito Ray. This dream of success came at the age of 12 after recording his first record; However, his image gradually transformed until he became the idol he is today (according to many fans).

The actor’s eyes were also those that bewitched more than one woman and to show this it is enough to mention a few celebrities such as Marianne Yazbek, Stephanie Salas, Isabella camelMarguerite Fuentes, Mariah Carey and Aracely Arámbula, who sometimes makes statements about her past with “The sun of Mexico“.

However, after the reappearance of the interpreter of “Until you forget me”, “The unconditional” and “Guilty or not” we talked a lot about his image, because he looks much thinner and somewhat rejuvenated. This caught the attention of his followers, as they remember him with a few extra pounds and even with a different haircut. even the same Gustavo Adolfo Infante compared him to the presenter of “Always on Sunday” Raúl Velasco.

With everything and what there is a theory that LuisMi actually has a doubleBecause the real one is dead, the singer is still one of the favorites of Mexican audiences. Especially the ladies, who play their songs to take advantage of their voice in ballads and even pop.

Here is a video from the Carlos Xpocaro YouTube channel where he made a compilation of his transformation from a baby to a mature 50 year old man. Could it be that he has ceased to be a gallant?


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