“Luis Miguel: The Series Season 3” Review: Season 3 takes a look at Miguel’s personal life, especially his family environment and romantic relationships


Luis Miguel: the series, known as Luis Miguel: La Serie in Spanish, is a biography of the famous Mexican singer Luis Miguel. The latter also authorizes and manufactures the series. American television series created in native Spanish for giants like Netflix and Telemundo. This official version of the singer’s life stars Diego Bonetta as the lead singer.

Production is overseen by MGM Television and Gato Grande Productions, which started the series in 2017. The second season was renewed in 2018. But was released in April 2021 after an almost two-year hiatus on May 30. The series has received an update for its third and final season, which will be available from October 28, 2021.

What do you really need to know before seeing it?

The upcoming season will feature six episodes instead of the previous season, which had eight. The previous season ended with Luis Miguel opening the relationship between his daughter Michel Salas and the manager of Mauricio Ambrosi.

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The trailer for the final season came out a few weeks ago, and it begins with Diego Bonetta (the main character) saying the word Mariah before introducing Mimi. A retrospective of the famous singer’s life follows, mainly devoted to his affair with Mariah Carey.

The series follows two timelines – one showing the singer working hard to conquer her niche in a predominantly British location, while the second, faced with an undesirable situation, puts her fame and reputation at risk. He shares an interesting relationship with his mother and younger brother. While his father is determined to give him the sensations he can’t get. But fame and recognition have dire consequences for the family!

Known worldwide as the Sun of Mexico (El Sol de México). Luis Miguel made his first album Un sol in 1982. During his journey he gained a lot of love and support. And went on to become one of the best-selling artists of all time with six Grammys and a Latin Grammy.

Every good story has an end:

And it’s time to say goodbye to the characters I play with respect and joy. When we decided to tell the story of Luis Miguel, we deliberately touched our hearts. Live and know the story with us. So, with all my heart, thank you very much for giving us your Sunday. The memes you sing along with us, song after song, in all seasons. And this is the last time that I will play Luis Miguel, said Bonetta.

It should also be noted that Season 3 consists of only six episodes. Instead of seasons 1 and 2, which consisted of thirteen and eight episodes respectively. This likely indicates that the creators are happy with the part of the show at hand. In the third act, the biographical series explains how Miguel intervenes in legal disputes and his problems to keep his career and his personal life intact. This season also takes a look at Miguel’s nuanced relationship with his daughter.

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As season three shows signs of progress, we see Miguel overcome his issues and return to the concert stage. But to the disappointment of his fans, the story also marks the end of a favorite series. As the screenplay delves deep into Luis Miguel’s personal life and controversy, it can become increasingly difficult for the show to portray certain stages in the singer’s life. With that in mind, it’s unlikely that the fourth season of Louis Miguel: Series will ever be produced. But even after the series ends, Luis Miguel’s funny stories and songs will stay on Netflix.


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