Luis Miguel – The Series: Season 3


Known as Luis Miguel: La Serie in Spanish, Luis Miguel: The Series is a biography of popular Mexican singer Luis Miguel. The latter also manages to authorize and executive produce the series. The American TV series was made in an authentic Spanish language for giants like Netflix and Telemundo. This licensed version of the singer’s life stars Diego Boneta as the lead singer.

Production was handled by MGM Television and Gato Grande Productions, which initially began with the creation of the series in 2017. The second season was renewed in 2018, but after a hiatus of almost two years, it was released in 2021. in April. That same year, on May 30, the series got its renewal for the third and final season, which is slated to be available on October 28, 2021.

The series has its focal point around the life of Luis Miguel, from his childhood fame to the recognition of adults and the obstacles he encountered while balancing his professional and personal life. Much to the dismay of avid fans, the next edition will mark the end of this beautiful journey, and to know all about season 3, keep reading.

When will Luis Miguel – The Series season 3 be released?

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Since this is the final season of the series, fans are really excited to watch it frenzied. Viewers should be happy to know that the series will be releasing its third season on Thursday 28 October 2021, to Netflix. News of her premiere was shared with her first preview which showcased what fans can watch in the latest edition. It will also see the return of Luisito Rey and light up the life of El Sol, a Mexican singer.

What to know before watching it?

The upcoming season will have six episodes, unlike the previous one which had eight. The previous season ended with Luis Miguel finding out about the relationship shared by his daughter Michelle Salas and manager Mauricio Ambrosi.

The trailer for the final season came out a few weeks ago, and it opened with Diego Boneta (the main character) saying the word Mariah before introducing Mimi. Next comes the flashback of the famous singer and will mainly focus on her affair with Mariah Carey.

The series is followed in two timelines: one where the singer works hard to carve out a niche for himself in English-dominated places, while in the second, when faced with unwanted situations, his fame and reputation are on the line. He shares an adorable bond with his mother and younger brother, while his father is determined to make him feel that he couldn’t be. But with fame and recognition come the detrimental effects on the family!

Popular around the world as The Sun Of Mexico (El Sol de México), Luis Miguel made his debut in 1982 with his album titled Un sol. Throughout his career, he gained immense love and support and became one of the best-selling artists of all time, winning six Grammys and Latin Grammys.

Luis Miguel Season 3 – Is The Series Worth Watching?

Luis Miguel Season 3
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The series was widely appreciated by viewers and earned a 8/10 IMDb Rating, which makes it a must-have for everyone!

Where to stream Luis Miguel – The Series Season 3?

Fans who are waiting can enjoy the third and final season of Luis Miguel – The Series on Telemundo and Netflix from October 28.


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