Luis Miguel: the truth about his relationship with María Félix

It is common knowledge that Luis Miguel and María Feliz had a relationship of mutual respect and admiration. Each time an artist referred to the other, only words of affection sprouted in his statements. This relationship had a climax that everyone had been talking about for a long time.

Luis Miguel. Source: Instagram @lmxlm

A healthy and beautiful custom of major musical celebrities is usually to invite other established artists to their presentations. During a show, a guest artist or actor appears and together they sing a hit by the show’s protagonist. Louis Michel and Marie Felix they constantly frequented these practices.

Marie Felix. Source: [email protected]

While the “Mis Romances Tour” was going on, Luis Miguel She gave a series of concerts at the National Auditorium of Mexico throughout March 2002, and how could it be otherwise, she requested the presence of her friend María Felix. Like her idol, she has decided to reserve a special place in the front row for her guest of honour.

Luis Miguel. Source: Instagram @lmxlm

The most special moment of the show, and surely one of the most special of the career of Luis Miguel It was then that he decided to go down to where María Felix was and have a little chat with her. After the little chat, the singer gave a little kiss on the lips and then another on the cheek. This epic moment had the entire audience delirious and remained an emblematic image of the Mexican show.

“I like him a lot and I like him a lot and I gave him a kiss on the mouth. Magnificent. Plus he’s such a good singer and handsome,” María Felix said of Luis Miguel leaving the auditorium on this special night for the actress. Sadly, this was the last show María Felix attended before her death on April 8, 2002 at the age of 88.

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