Luis Miguel: This money received for the 2nd. Season of his series on Netflix

Luis Miguel He continues to be one of the most important figures in Latin America, as he has come to this world to triumph on stage and has been unstoppable with each of the projects he shares with his fans.

Although currently he does not appear so much in the artistic world, he continues with the fame he had from his best moments, in addition to his music. is still relevant on the popularity charts of various platforms.

Despite this, El Sol continues to shine at the top thanks to the Netflix biographical series, as like others, like Juan Gabriel or José José, he reveals what many people behind the scenes in the celebrity’s life didn’t know.

It should be remembered that Luis Miguel the series was one of the most successful productions of the company dedicated to entertainment via streaming and to the excitement of its fans, the second season already has a release date.

So far, it has been pointed out that this second season of the famous series will take place on April 18 and will feature the actor who promoted the project due to his acting skills: Diego Boneta.

How much did Luis Miguel charge for the 2nd. The season of your series?

There are many who are curious about how much Luis Miguel charged for his series and it is that according to the MDZ site, the figure that the singer received for the rights for the distribution of the series on his life in the first season has was disclosed and it was the amount of $ 5 million.

This is why the interpreter of “The Unconditional”, “Now you can leave” and “Until you forget me”, received this sum, it would be natural that the continuation be much higher after the good public acceptance and doubts about many aspects of his life.

It should be noted that now the expectations for this work are in fashion and if they live up to them, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think of a third season that would keep Luis Miguelm sitting on the couch and receiving his millions without any issues.

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