Luis Miguel, very affectionate with a woman in Miami and it’s not Paloma Cuevas

The relationship between El Sol de México and the ex of Henry Ponce It’s a mystery that went from a “meeting with friends” to a wedding engagement without either of them confirming or denying anything. Now the Latin media claim that they belong to history, because Luis Miguel returned to Miami and was seen with his ex, Millie Gouldin a very affectionate attitude.

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So says Argentine journalist Javier Cerani: “What starts badly ends badly. Luis Miguel left Madrid to return to Miami, to start a relationship with Mollie Gould, or rather, to resume his relationship with her, since they had already dated in 2021.” According to him, what happened to Luis Miguel and dove caves It was just summer love: “He wanted to spend the summer in Spain, he left for four months and now that it’s over he went back to Miami never to come back again.”

Rumors of a rapprochement between Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas, friends for decades, began last spring. Various media reported that she had traveled to Miami to meet him and that after several dates across the Atlantic, the singer had moved to Madrid to spend more time with the businesswoman. As we reported then, they were having dinner in Madridin a very high-end Chinese restaurant in a five-star hotel, the very day the artist landed in Barajas on board his private plane.

The environment of Paloma Cuevas denied the alleged request for a helping hand by Luis Miguel, although she and those around her laughed it off, so much so that her own father, Victoriano Valencia, joked with the question: “He’s a great boy, a great person, a gentleman… He’s a great artist, the proof by thousands of songs. I wouldn’t mind if they got married, but she has to decide.

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