Luis Miguel was broke with his last reserves

Luis Miguel The media is always undervalued. In recent weeks, there have been two very strong rumors about Sol de Mexico: one said that the singer was about to lose one of his arms, while the other claimed that he was there. bankruptcy And that his situation was irreparable.

Seen all that has been said Luis Miguel, Antonio Morey Villarino, better known as Tony Morey, came out for refuse all information Who was circulating, leaving all the followers calm.

Is Luis Miguel broke?

“I don’t think (he’s broke), he’s got a team, very fun, solid, I don’t think he has that mode, as far as I know, personally he’s not in that mode. I hope not, because he’s done a great job with everything that’s come out of the show, she’s been very successful on his tour,” Tonio Mori said in an interview with “Dirty Soul”.

All information about what Luis Miguel Not in his best economic moment, he appeared after the season three finale of Luis Miguel’s series. But the truth is that, as evidenced by the story that appears through the production of Netflix, the idea to release the series was to save the translator “Sun, Sand and Sea” from bankruptcy.

Fortunately, years and experience have evolved the singer and changed his outlook on life, or at least his friend commented:

“I can tell you that Luis Miguel at the moment is no longer the person of 10 years ago, he is another person, and that is part of the maturity, of the learning that life gives you, yeah I think it’s someone who has changed a lot, yeah, definitely yeah.

Regarding the problem with his arm and what awaits him in the future, Tonio Mori said:

“As far as I know, I don’t have a record (that he told her) ‘I have a problem with my arms’, ever…what I know is that he’s so excited, that looking for songs man! Luis MiguelWhat we want is for more things to appear, especially music.

What he did not specify is when he plans to launch his next projects, so we will have to wait for the Mexican star to tell us the good news via his social networks. Will it be for 2022?

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