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Luis Miguel is one of the figures who ventured with resounding success into various musical genres, with 100 million records sold worldwide, the album “Nothing is the sameIs the most requested in her 40-year artistic career.

The “singer“Luis Miguel has distinguished himself as one of the greatest successful artists in Latin America, his wide range of musical styles ranging from pop, ballads, boleros, rancheras and even jazz led him to win ten Grammy Awards.

Although the defendant “Mexican Sun“He has an excellent discography, one of his albums has become one of the most requested by fans of Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri during his 40 years of artistic career.

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Even in the bio-series that reflects his life on Netflix, the name of the material is constantly mentioned, which according to the scenes, promised to be one of the most successful of the artistic career of “record producer“.

It was the album “Romance», One of the best-selling albums of Luis Mi, with 13 million copies worldwide, in addition to being one of the most successful albums of Gallego Basteri’s career, it is the best-selling Spanish album in history.

The material signifies the resounding foray of Micky in the world of boleros, under the arm of the composer Armando Manzanero, hired by the WEA Latina label, the album covers 12 songs including “Ne strange ”,“ You ”,“ With you far away ”,“ A lot of heart ”,“ The Lie ”,“ When I come back to your side ”,“ I don’t know about you ”and how”.

The album received over 70 platinum records and enjoyed success in countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Arabia Arabia, Belgium, Australia, Finland, Portugal, New Zealand, Turkey. , Holland, Greece, France, Denmark and Canada.

After this material, other albums like “Mexico on the skin“with 9 million, and” Romances “with 7 million 500 thousand was number 12 of August 1997 and it is also dedicated to boleros, it had the production of Bebu Silvetti, Armando Manzanero and Luis Miguel himself, in 1998 it was made the recipient of the Grammy Award in the category Best Latin Pop Album.

It was followed by album titles such as “A man seeks a woman” (the sixth album recorded by the singer) Aries with 6 million, “Nada es Igual”, released on August 20, 1996 with 4 million 300 thousand copies , “Vivo 2000” with 3 million 600 thousand copies sold and 33 with 2 million 500 thousand copies.

In contrast, is what would be the eighteenth album of Luis Miguel, 51 years old, who launched in May 2008 the production of “Complices with 1.2 million copies sold, from which emerge songs like” Si tú te oses “, and” Ay, cariñito “.

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