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Luis Miguel Why does he no longer live in Acapulco? He left his mansion | INSTAGRAM

After so many years of festive relaxation and even of life in your Manor of Acapulco, Luis Miguel, the Mexican Sun has abandoned his property and hardly visits it anymore, only returning to Mexico for very special occasions, which is why several theories have emerged as to why he abandoned said property.

Users have come to several conclusions about why Luis Miguel he left Acapulco and why do you no longer want to live in Mexico, some internet users assure that this is simply one of the most obvious reasons and it is that he has probably found a better life outside the country and many others because of the insecurity that exists in the state of warrior.

The famous entertainment reporter Gustavo Adolfo Infante posted another of the theories on his channel Youtube, in which he assures us that it is most likely due to a possible confrontation he had with a person dedicated to n @ rco.

As communicator Luis Miguel reports, he could have faced a notorious criminal known as “The Barbie”, who supposedly ended up in a restaurant near the center of Acapulco, but whom they had encountered. a confrontation that made them want to not see each other. yet another.

Thus, according to what has been reported, said figure would communicate with Mickey Asking him that he no longer wanted to see him in Acapulco, then the interpreter of “La Inconditional” did not hesitate and decided to leave the beach and even the country.

Luis Miguel’s abandoned mansion in Acapulco.

He currently lives in Miami Florida, leaving his luxurious mansion in Playa Bonfil, located in one of Acapulco’s more expensive neighborhoods called Punta Diamante.

This building is characterized by its yellow color and its large windows overlook the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

On one occasion, The Sun performed an interview in which he showed the details he mostly did in his house, making sure that his curved facade allowed the sun to completely illuminate his house.

In addition, one could enjoy the interior of the beach, but for many years he was the only person living there, so he was totally free to walk around the house without worrying about being watched.

Another of the theories points out that when the place started to become more populated, it no longer had the same privacy and that is why he decided to move to another place where he would have more comfort.

It was in 2009 that the famous man left Acapulco where he had spent so long to spend most of his time in Miami and Los Angeles at two other luxury properties.


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