Luis Miguel will continue to be the “Sun of Mexico” even if he does not work

Like the proverbial wildfire, rumors have spread that Luis Miguel is apparently on the verge of ruin and a terrible health crisis. They were such persistent gossip that they even appeared on the cover of a famous Mexican magazine (the one that says he always tells the truth). But giving credit to that gossip is like giving credit to any gossip about such a media figure as the Sun.

Luis Miguel in 2018 REUTERS/Henry Romero (MEXICO)

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Luis Miguel’s official launch as a singer and it’s only natural that – as has been the case throughout his career – these kinds of stories arise. Although some of the “myths” woven around him are verifiable (such as Michelle’s paternity, which was a matter of back and forth for years and he himself denied and denied it and then, if that wasn’t enough, he’s back to denying), others are already taken for granted (that Luisito Rey was responsible for the now obvious disappearance and death of his wife, Marcella Basteri) and others are frankly ridiculous (the rumor that Luis Miguel died of a heroin overdose in 1994 and that the current one we see in the media is a lookalike, which frankly was already something absurd when we said it of Paul McCartney, the Beatle).

But let’s be honest: everyone knows that Luis Miguel can neither retire nor go into ruin, because whether or not he records songs, tours concerts or not, he is a media product that continues to sell and a lot. For the same reason, rumors that speak ominously about the end of his career can be categorically denied without much effort.

And to prove it, there are already notes that do it: Carlos Bremer, one of the businessmen responsible for the recent resurgence of the Sun with his controversial friend Miguel Alemán Magnani (who has apparently already paid his minimum debt of 6 million pesos with the treasure and is no longer considered a fugitive from justice), explained that it is not true that he is on the verge of ruin.

In fact, Bremer and Alemán Magnani collaborated on the production of the infamous Netflix biographical series, which was heavily criticized for its disastrous character presentation (although Luis Miguel himself parted ways with this, accusing the team of librettists led by Daniel, the son of historian Enrique Krauze) and for which the singer would have received the price of 35 million dollars, according to our colleague from Showbizz Daily.

In an interview with ‘Ventaneando’, Bremer pointed out that Luis Miguel actually had a fall and underwent surgery, he is fine, with healthy finances, as he was able to cover his debts satisfactorily. As if that were not enough, he says he is ready to resume his singing career.

Luis Miguel is a natural talent. He proved it when he was 12 and his first album came out and he endorsed it again and again over the decades. He’s an old-fashioned idol, like Vicente Fernández or Raphaël. Years may pass and he may mature (or age, rise) on stage — you know as I do that Luis Miguel adopted Frank Sinatra’s model — he may be on everyone’s lips, but he won’t stop shine even though he hasn’t recorded a new single in years.

Because her overwhelming personality is more than enough to keep her going: whether it’s because of her sentimental life, her real or fictitious scandals, or because of elements from her past: the sun is the sun and it never stops not to shine, and every rumor that circulates around him instead of eclipsing him, it serves to make him shine more.


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