Luis Miguel would not give board for the children he has with Aracely Arámbula for this powerful reason

Luis Miguel’s life never ceases to be in the public eye, and it is that his private life has been full of speculation due to the secrecy with which he has conducted it for the past two decades.

But that hasn’t stopped the so-called “Mexican Sun” from being constantly watched for what it does and does not do, This happened with regard to the type of relationship he would have with the children he fathered with Aracely Arámbula.

And is that “La Chule” has repeatedly revealed that there is no relationship or approach as such since he parted ways with the singer with her or her children, something that made Luismi’s fans very upset, as they didn’t believe he was capable of such an affront.

This situation experienced by both Daniel and Miguel is similar to that experienced by Michelle Salas, who remained estranged from her famous father for 11 years until an unexpected reunion when she had already reached the age of majority.

In view of this, Many wanted to dig into what is happening to Luis Miguel, as was the case with the show “De Primera Mano”, where the hosts of the said show decided to do an analysis of the bioseries of “El Sol de México”, where they revealed the real reason Luismi does not give the corresponding interview to his children despite having a large fortune in the bank.

“It’s a reflection of what he learned and didn’t learn to be a father,” the presenters said, to which others replied: “His father let him drink milkshakes when he had million dollars from Luis Miguel, when he was little. “While Mónica Sánchez replied:” It is easy to answer and not to go out of the diagram and to justify that this is why he was not a good father: “this is what I experienced. “

Considering this, too, the show’s headlines confessed that in April 2021, Aracely’s lawyer confirmed he was implementing a strategy for the singer to fulfill his obligations, this to one year without complying with the payment of the maintenance allowance of Daniel and Miguel.

After the statement of Guillermo Pous, the lawyer for Arámbula, the counterpart in charge of the legal field of Luis Miguel explained that the reason why Basteri does not respect his obligations is that the amount of money that the singer requested was quite high. , so there was no way to pay that amount of money at that time.

On the one hand, Pous tries to do everything in his power to ensure that the interpreter of “When the sun gets warmer” does so, that is to say that he does not want to lodge a complaint. “He will try to avoid the trial, he will seek to reach a negotiation, which is why he is looking for a strategy so that Luis Miguel respects his obligations.”

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