Luis Miguel’s daughter announced sad news

the influencer michelle hallsdaughter of Luis Miguel He is one of the most important people in Latin entertainment. This is mainly due to the series which tells the life of The sun of Mexico which premiered in the last 2021. In the second and third seasons, which was seen through netflixone of the protagonists of it is nothing less than the beautiful influencer.

On this occasion, michelle halls It’s trending in the networks for a post he made a few hours ago that has to do with a significant loss in his personal life. It’s about the death of his pet, so in his profile instagram shared a series of photos with an emotional message that reads the following:

“I have been going through this process for days, I needed a time of silence to start assimilating and trying to heal the emptiness I have in my heart Valentino, my “Malen”, my life partner, my baby , my kitten with the soul of a noble dog… Eight years ago you came to change my life For the first time I felt completely responsible for the care of a being, a wonderful furry being who made me happy every morning with little kisses and purrs. You were my accomplice, my companion of life, of travels, of moments of happiness and also of a few tears, my confidante, my pillow, my family…”.

The message you posted michelle halls I continue by saying: “Your great personality won the hearts of those who knew you and also those who did not know you. Because you know, those who didn’t know you personally always asked about you too. Valentino, my frown-faced chubby, I have to thank you for Thank you so much for choosing me, for giving me the opportunity to have you by my side all these years, for teaching me to be dedicated and to show me true love, the one that asks nothing in return and just gives. Because that’s what you’ve always done. You were pure love. You know very well that I would have continued to fight with you for the rest of eternity but I couldn’t be selfish. It’s hard to understand that sometimes you have to let go to find yourself. But I stay at peace because I know I did everything I wanted. It was in my hands and more to be able to give you a little more time and quality of life. Now I know you’re already calm in kitten heaven, sleeping the way you like and eating turkey ham and tuna belly. It’s still hard for me until I think about how to get back into my life without having you near, without being able to hug you, tell you about my day but every day what happens becomes more to me clear that in truth you are still very present and will continue for the rest of my life. Like I told you the last day I saw you. This farewell is not the end, but a new beginning. I love you men! To infinity”.

Regarding his participation in the series on the life of his father, Michelle He had, at the time, made a statement through his networks showing his dissatisfaction with the last chapter of the second season. In it, the beautiful blonde was shown in a compromising situation with her father’s best friend. This would explain why the distance from The sun of Mexico with his firstborn. In this third season of Luis Miguel the series Key data about this relationship has been revealed that you cannot miss.

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