Luis Miguel’s daughter from New York shows off her figure and makes everyone fall in love

The daughter of Luis Miguel He is one of the most important people in Latin entertainment. We talk about the influencer Michelle salas. This is mainly due to the series which tells the story of the life of The Mexican sun. During the second and third seasons he was successful in seeing through Netflix, one of the protagonists of it is nothing less than the beautiful blonde.

In these episodes we saw what the relationship he had looked like michelle with her father and the reason for the great distance they currently have, where according to her on several occasions she has mentioned that her relationship with him is practically zero. She also said she wanted to be recognized for her own work and not for being her daughter or mother.

Without a doubt, Michelle salas She has become a model with all the letters and an influencer who daily conquers all her followers around the world in the social networks. Through her official accounts, the talented blonde shares various beauty tips as well as her great passion for cooking.

The daughter of Luis Miguel She turned 32 a few months ago and her closest collaborators have greeted her all over the web. For her part, on this occasion, the beautiful model shared a series of photos and videos on her profile on her official account. Instagram where she showed how beautiful she is today. You can also see her enjoying the streets of the great city of New York.

On the other hand, and returning to the subject of his participation in the series on the life of his father, michelle made a statement through their networks showing their dissatisfaction with the final chapter of the second season. In it, the beautiful blonde was shown in a compromising situation with her father’s best friend. This would explain why the distance of The Mexican sun with her firstborn. Also in this third season of Luis Miguel the series Key facts about this relationship have been revealed that you cannot miss.


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