Luis Miguel’s daughter poses in bathrobe to show off her gorgeous beauty

Luis Miguel’s daughter poses in bathrobe to show off her gorgeous beauty

Real style Michelle salas Capture the profiles of her thousands of followers once again by posting a series of photos of her where you can see the stunning beauty she is enjoying. Thanks to its great popularity Social media Many brands of body care products choose to promote it.

On the other hand, over the years, the 31-year-old has been a foodie. This is why he constantly publishes articles explaining his quality of cuisine as well as the most representative dishes of the places he visits. In addition to recommending various restaurants to eat in each of these cities.

also a girl Louis miguel A few days ago, he was popular with several news sites in the entertainment world when he shared news related to his health with his fans. Since one of his stories reported that he had to undergo surgery after suffering a fall while skiing.

This specific event occurred during the last days of January when the aforementioned practice fell in the mountains of Vail, Colorado. Because of this astonishing fall, the medical report revealed that he had torn ligaments in one of his knees.

On the other hand and changing the subject, this time, the beautiful blonde once again amazed by her beautiful face, as a few hours earlier she shared a series of photos on her account. Instagram She was seen posing in the front with a bathrobe and discovered that whatever she wears will fit her.


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