Luis Miguel’s ex attacks Paloma Cuevas: “They left you because they couldn’t stand you”

Is called mercedes villador and became the shoe china of dove caves. The Argentinian model who had a relationship with Luis Miguel Until a few months ago, he charged the ex with Henry Ponce via social networks: “Ma’am, they left you because they couldn’t stand you anymore.”

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And he continues: “The lady writes in her main magazine in her favor and insinuates that my relationship has been two disastrous years, like hers. They picked me to be there and I was one hundred percent. Finally, she adds: “Stop being so moldy, it’s already very obvious.”

Villador’s attack comes days after rumors emerged of a possible marriage between Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel. They came from the other side of the pond and although the protagonists neither confirm nor deny, people very close to the creator assured this portal that “they burst out laughing” with this information.

However, it’s not the first time that Mercedes has attacked Paloma via social media. A few weeks ago, the creator’s official account was hacked and tweets related to Ana Soria, Ponce’s girlfriend, were published. Villador, however, did not believe the official version of what happened: “Account verified. I can attack and mock in third person, then I erase the fear and then I say they supplanted me and that’s it. Tell me another joke because with this one my stomach hurts, laughing so hard.

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