Luis Miguel’s mother, Marcela, has she ever been found? What really happened


A major scenario in Luis Miguel The Series is the Mexican singer’s search for his missing mother, Marcela Basteri. In the flashback scenes of the Telemundo show, Luis MiguelHis mother’s relationship with his mother has been documented and revealed their close mother-son bond. In fact, it was Luis’ mother who came up with his nickname, El Sol de México.

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However, LuisMi (played by Diego Boneta) was separated from his mother by his father, Luis Rey, and he last saw her on his show at Luna Park in Argentina in 1985. The audience watched Luis look for him. Marcela using her connections in Mexico. government, traveling to Italy with her younger brother Alejandro, and going so far as to hire Mossad agents to try to locate her.

Season 1 ended with the receipt of an envelope from the Mossad, claiming to contain Marcela’s location.

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But has Luis Miguel’s mother ever been found?

There are several theories surrounding Marcela’s disappearance, which unfortunately have never been resolved. She was reportedly last seen traveling to Italy with her son, Sergio, in 1986, but no one has seen her since. The last person to see Marcela alive was her ex-husband Luis Rey, who claimed she ran off with an Italian lover.

Theory # 1: Luis Rey killed Luis Miguel’s mother.

In the series, LuisMi goes to his father’s deathbed in 1992, asking him where his mother is. Her father’s last word, according to the show, was the cryptic line, “You know where your mother is.”

This turned out to be TV fiction, as Luis never went to see his father until he died. But there are plenty of reasons to believe that Luis Rey – who controlled both his wife and son – would want Marcela gone.

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He is said to have put under his name several companies which he had created with money stolen from his son to hide his links with illegal companies. He also needed Marcela’s signature on Luis Miguel’s musical contracts, something she would refuse since Luis Rey was keeping their son away from her at the time of his disappearance.

With Marcela’s departure, Luis Rey would have 100% control of Luis Miguel both physically and financially. However, none of this has ever been proven.

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Theory # 2: Marcela was locked in a mental hospital.

On the show, there was a heartbreaking scene where a private investigator was driving LuisMi to a mental hospital in Italy. It turned out to be a dead end, and the woman believed to be Marcela was actually not. It would be easy to understand why people would believe that Marcela has gone mad.

After the birth of her third son, Marcela apparently suffered from postpartum depression. It was also around this time that she split from Luis Rey, which led to her parting with LuisMi, who was a teenager at the time.

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Theory # 3: Marcela is in Argentina.

A reddit thread refers to a report that surfaced last year claiming LuisMi’s mother was found in Buenos Aires. However, it turned out to be a woman named Honorina Montes, who looked like the mother of the “No Sé Tú” performer.

Again, LuisMi has never spoken publicly about his mother’s disappearance.

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Fans think they know what happened to Luis Miguel’s mother …

“Luisito Rey stole over $ 20 million from his son while he was a manager, and I think Marcela knew about it and threatened him to tell his son or go to the authorities, or both . I think that’s why he killed her in Spain, “a hypothetical fan. “The rumor was that Luisito Rey had AIDS, and he passed it on to Marcela, and she died of it in a mental asylum.”

Luis miguel mom

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Another hypothesized: “A rumor has also been circulating for a few years that Marcela died at a drug-fueled party and Luisito (along with accomplices) dumped and hid her body for protection.”

Whatever happened to Marcela, we hope LuisMi got a shutdown.


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