MAD Lions owner faces heavy backlash after publicly criticizing AD Carzzy’s postponement

It’s not been that long since LEC’s MAD Lions were eliminated from 2021 League of Legends World Championship. However, team owner Luis Miguel “Revenant” Amor Velarde has already posted a dismissive tweet regarding the roster’s performance, including a harsh criticism of their own starting AD carry, Carzzy.

“I’m sorry to see Elyoya like this, [since] he has to carry them on his back alongside Kaiser, ”Revenant said in the now deleted post. “I keep thinking that Carzzy is not up to it, but he gives the team things that they consider important. It is clear to me that I would put Flakked in the starting list, but I am not deciding anything related to these things. “

Revenant also commented on his feed about the situation. Translated by Dot Esports’ Pablo Suárez, the owner of MAD Lions said he doesn’t think Carzzy is in good shape right now and “doesn’t have any level right now”. He also spoke of the outrage he received on social media, to which he said he “can say that, and whatever I want.”

After the quick and critical response, the League community had his post, he quickly deleted the tweet and apologized, saying that “the last thing [he] wanted was to lose all respect towards him, his teammates or the year they made.

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Several popular League personalities, like the LCS caster Razleplasm and LCS host Laure Vallee– responded to the situation with disappointment towards Revenant and support for Carzzy. The 19-year-old pro responded with a reassuring message for his fans, saying he still loves his team.

“My friends, don’t be too angry,” Carzzy said. “It doesn’t matter what someone who has no idea what the game says. I’m not going to feel down because someone like @ G4G_Revenant said something like that. Just stay happy. Don’t let others bring you down.

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It comes a month after sources at Dot Esports said Carzzy was weighing his options for the next free agency period. His contract will expire on Monday, November 15, and he has not yet signed an extension with the organization.

Update October 24, 9:31 p.m. CT: Crazy lions noted Revenant is “not part of the ownership group or management.” He is a “content provider,” according to the company statement.

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