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Bærum, January 29, 2022

We’re here for the report on Norway’s fourth Delfinale, which aired tonight! Let’s go straight there!

As you have known for two weeks, Norway has again opted for a Duel format, where two inputs face each other. Whoever receives the most votes via app voting wins the duel. There are two head-to-head duels, each offering a winner. These two winning acts then face off in the Golden Duelwhich will determine who will qualify for the final.

Due to COVID restrictions, MGP does not have an audience, with fans able to “applaud” through the NRK app and website, which would then stream after the performance instead of actual applause. All three hosts were in attendance this time around, as Annika sat out Week 2 and Kåre skipped Week 3 due to quarantine duty.

Also, due to the pandemic, the Duels were drawn before the live show. Scroll below to see what deeds have been done against each other and who have moved forward!

Duel 1

Maria Mohn kicked things off with her new age ballad, set against Alexandra Joner’s Latin pop manna. You can attend the performances below:

Maria Mohn – “Fly”

Alexandra Joner – “Hasta the View”

The winner: Ultimately Maria Mohn was declared the winner.

Duel 2

Kim Wigaard and Sofie Fellvjang faced off in a battle of POWERBALLADEERING, with Kim representing the classic eurocamp side while Sofie opted for simple emotions and powerful vocals.

Kim Wigaard – “The Melody”

Sofie Fellvjang – “Glass”

The winner: After the closing of the vote, it was Sophia who emerged victorious.

Introduction to automatic qualifications: subwoofer

As Maria and Sofie prepared for the second round, NRK presented the fourth automatic qualifier. lupine feeling subwoofer finally made their stage debut with their tongue-in-cheek fun party anthem”Give that wolf a banana“.

You can watch the performance of Subwoofers below:

Golden Duel

After Subwoofer, it was time for the final confrontation: Maria versus Sofie. Who would win the golden ticket for the February 19 final? In the end, as Maria flew high and out of the vocal range with her song in an enhanced performance, Sofie’s frailty and corresponding vocal power proved too strong for Norway to resist, and she won the handle!

His victory means Maria Mohn, Kim Wigard and Alexandra Jonner are relegated to the repechages. On February 7, four acts will be chosen to compete live on the Second Chance show on 12 February.

On to next week, where the four wildcards will have their second chance and we will finally witness the final self-qualifier: “Queen bees” by Anna-Lisa Kumoji.

Ahead of last night’s show, a panel of experts from the ESC United team weighed in on the songs for this delfinale and collectively selected the song we thought we should take forward. Did we do it right or did we just embarrass ourselves? ? Find out here.

To do #YOU agree with the results in Norway? What #YOU think of the songs of Sofie and Subwoofer? Let us know in the comments, on social media or on our Forum HERE.

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