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Roald Dahl’s beloved classic ‘Matilda’ comes to life with song and dance when Livermore’s Royal Theater Academy performs ‘Matilda the Musical’ at Hayward in June.

Six shows across two casts are slated for production next month, showcasing the bravery of a young girl who stands up to bullies and discovers her own remarkable powers.

“Matilda is a wonderful musical about the power of the child in all of us,” said artistic and technical director Trent Torain. “We find beautiful messages for adults and children throughout the show such as: kindness, compassion, bravery and resilience. And, parents and their children learn, converse and understand these messages together is l one of my favorite parts of the process.”

Nearly 100 members of the Tri-Valley community, including 13 families, are working together to bring “Matilda the Musical” to perform more than two years after it was originally scheduled and then canceled due to COVID-19.

“This particular production was important and emotional for the whole company because it was the show we started rehearsing before the pandemic and was canceled in March 2020,” said April Werner, who plays Ms. Phelps alongside his family. in the so-called Slippy Cast. “So the whole team was thrilled to bring it to life now.”

Slippy Cast member Bridget Werner, a third year student at Walnut Grove Elementary School in Pleasanton, and Tolstoy Cast member Kylie Patterson, a third year student at Cottonwood Creek K-8 School in Dublin, share the role of witty and intelligent Matilda.

“I love playing Matilda – it’s always been my dream role,” said Bridget Werner. “I love that she’s really smart and she’s a hero to me because she says, ‘Even though you’re small, you can do a lot’. I’m small for my age, so I like this message.”

Patterson also called the psychokinetic Matilda a dream role and is especially thrilled to share the stage with her father, Jayson, who plays the doctor in the cast of Tolstoy.

“Matilda the Musical is very special to me because it’s my dream role,” said Patterson, who has been acting since she was 5 years old. “I never tire of night rehearsals because I am surrounded by talented people who have become my friends. I have a second family in the theater and I love them.

“I’ve always loved theater and the stage,” she added, “and I’m very happy that this time around I’m sharing the stage with my dad.”

While the cast’s bond and family memories will last a lifetime, “Matilda the Musical,” with her book by Dennis Kelly and original songs by Tim Minchin, isn’t just filled with catchy tunes and pop numbers. energetic dances, but a message that everyone, especially adults, can take to heart.

“I believe that sometimes, as adults, we can forget how important certain situations can seem to a child, and we see them as dramatic or unimportant, and how words can affect children in the long run. in their personal mindset,” Torain said, adding:

“I hope this show sends a message that all children deserve to grow up, to dream, to create their moral compass and to stay strong in their beliefs, even if not everyone believes it. smallest of us can accomplish the most amazing things”

“Matilda the Musical” runs June 3-5 and June 10-12 at California State University, East Bay, 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd., Hayward. Visit

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