Masked singer’s hamster has fun making Nick Cannon uncomfortable

[Warning: The below contains to MAJOR spoilers for The Masked Singer Season 6 Episode 6 “Time Warp.”]

One of the members of group A did not survive the “Time Warp” Where the introduction of another joker (the jester, the scariest costume to date) in the October 20 episode of The masked singer.

After performing Luis Miguel’s “Sabor a Mí” for his wife, Hamster was eliminated, and in that adorable costume was actor and comedian Rob Schneider. “I think they made a mistake. America made a mistake. They should have saved me from one more song. They would have loved it, ”he told TV Insider. So what was this song? Weird Al’s “Amish Paradise”.

Below, Schneider talks about her experience on the hit Fox singing competition.

What made you say yes to do The masked singer?

Rob Schneider: My kids loved the show and wanted them to see and enjoy it. It’s the only show I’ve watched on TV – and I’m not saying that for any other – [and said], “You know what? This show I should do. It’s gonna be fun. And eventually they’re gonna call me, because I’m perfect for this show, a comedian who can sing a little bit, that’s what they They were just awesome. They really know how to treat people and how to make you feel comfortable. The costume design is amazing and you can just tell the hosts are having fun and this is a tv show perfect, that’s what TV should be.

Speaking of costume, the Hamster was adorable.

It’s like cheating. Basically they said, “Look, if you don’t want to get fired right now, wear this. ” This is very cute. It’s much cuter than Larry the Cable Guy’s toothless baby outfit, which scared kids and had nightmares all over America, or Toni Braxton, the fish. I said, “How do you convince Grammy Award-winning singer Toni Braxton to be a fish?” Why would you do that to her? But I’m glad they did because they fired them before they fired me.


You clearly had fun on stage, especially with [host] pseudo [Cannon]. Have you thought about ‘how uncomfortable can I make Nick’?

Well you got to watch what’s going on. And he was uncomfortable and I thought, well, that’s kinda funny for me. I whispered to him, “Are you uncomfortable?” I am disguised as a rodent. I have hair in my throat. You wear men’s clothes. But it was a decent sport. I wouldn’t say great sport. I would say decent sport because I saw him get really pissed off. [Laughs]

What went into your song choices? You dedicated the latter to your wife.

That’s all I wanted to do. I said, “If I go for this one, at least I’ll try to sing a song since her favorite singer is Luis Miguel.” So I wanted to do this for all my Mexican friends, fans and family, and I love Luis Miguel. It’s barely in my lineup, and I hope I did well. I was a little nervous and that’s a lot of words to remember. I couldn’t move a lot because I was really concentrating just singing and on top of that I was dressed like a hamster.

[Roy Orbison’s] “Oh, Pretty Woman” is my karaoke song, my favorite, I could walk out of the park anytime. For me, it was my “let me take one just in case.” But then they looped me over because the producer suggested a second song and I never really got the lyrics to [Queen’s] “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” I just wanted to sing it my way and just do a lot of vocal trills and have fun with it and be really loose. I think it was good. I think it ended up being my best.

But it’s just a blast. This is exactly what people want to do these days – just sit back and watch something entertaining and it could be exciting because some of the singers are phenomenal. Your ego starts to take over you after a while – “maybe I’m good at it” – and then you hear someone like Pepper. I don’t know who it is, what a voice. And then you see somebody singing and dancing like Taurus, and I don’t know if it’s Nelly or what.

I’ll say, oh, I wanted to do one more, but I had a blast and couldn’t be more grateful for the experience. They treat you like a superstar which is really cool.

What do you think of the panelists’ assumptions? It seemed like they were naming every comedian until Jenny [McCarthy] guessed you.

Jenny knows me. She was on NBC and had a TV show when I was on Men behave badly. She had a show there. I’ve been on her podcast and XM radio show before, so she can say my voice. I guess it was pretty obvious that I’m a comedian – physically you just try to make people laugh whenever you’re on stage anywhere, and so they understood that right away. And they did this season six, so they got a sense of who was on this show, who is likely to be, whether it was a comedian, a professional singer, an athlete. They can just tell by the way they move. They are really good. They know what they are doing.

What will you take away from your experience on The masked singer?

Never wear a hamster outfit again, ever. I did it once. And just to say yes to more things, because I really had a good time and I wasn’t sure I was going to. So, because of this experience, I said yes to this new movie that I will be starting very soon. I’m gonna start saying yes to stuff. It put me in a good position, so I’m very, very happy with them. They were very nice to me. So thanks, Masked singer.

The masked singer, Wednesday, 8 / 7c, Fox

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